MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench - v7.0 M2

发布于 2008年09月24日
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MyEclipse 7.0 M2包括Eclipse 3.4/Ganymede, Ajax for JEE, Windows Vista, Java EE 5, Java 6, Maven 2, Portlets, Spring 以及 JSF 更新and JAX-WS Web服务支持等。

这些新的特性在7.0 M2各个版本中的应用情况如下表所示:

Professional Edition
Standard Edition

Available as a SNAP
JavaScript Debugger
Swing UI Designer
(from NetBeans 6)
MyEclipse UML
Extended Database Support:
  • Oracle Connector
  • MySQL Connector
  • Sybase Connector
  • Microsoft sqlServer Connector
  • Java Image Editor
    AJAX Tools
    MyEclipse Reports

    Visual Web Designer
    XML Editor
    MyEclipse Persistence Tools- JPA, Toplink & Hibernate
    MyEclipse Spring Tools
    Database Explorer
    Javascript Editor
    Web Services
    Struts Designer
    JSF Designer
    Application Server Connectors
    JSP Development
    EJB Support (3.0)
    Sync-on-demand Deployment
    Xdoclet Support
    CSS Editor
    MyEclipse SNAPs

    MyEclipse Innovations
    The innovation and application of Eclipse technology is Genuitec's sole business. With well over 10 million downloads, MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench has grown to be the most popular and successful Eclipse-based JEE IDE. Our history of blending the best of open source with commercial-grade developed tools has created a long chain of Eclipse technology innovation that includes:

    • First JSR-045 compliant source-level JSP debugger for Eclipse
    • First public article explaining that Eclipse could be used as a rich-client platform in early 2002
    • First commercial RCP applications shipped on Eclipse 2.0, well before the Eclipse 3.0 RCP
    • First and most comprehensive suite of application server connectors for Eclipse
    • First 'hot sync' JEE application deployer to enable continuous web development without server restarts
    • Firstnative JavaScript debugger for Eclipse
    • First Ajax tool feature-set for Eclipse
    • Most database connectors supported on Eclipse
    • First IDE to fully support Hibernate / Spring integration
    • First full featured image editor for Eclipse
    • First Eclipse IDE to offer a low-cost, all-inclusive subscription pricing model
    • The most comprehensive set of Eclipse Plugins available
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