cdist 3.1.2 发布,可用性配置管理

发布于 2014年04月14日
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cdist 3.1.2 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • This release documents missing environment variables

  • 添加了一个类型来管理 Sheepdog images (__dog_vdi)

  • 重写了 __key_value 类型

  • 增强了 __qemu_img 类型

cdist 对其他的配置管理系统像 cfengine, bcfg2, chef and puppet 来说是可选的,但是cdist的运行方式不一样,下面是它独特的一些特性:


SimplicityThere is only one type to extend cdist called type
DesignType and core cleanly seperated
DesignSticks completly to the KISS (keep it simple and stupid) paradigma
DesignMeaningful error messages - do not lose time debugging error messages
DesignConsistency in behaviour, naming and documentation
DesignNo surprise factor: Only do what is obviously clear, no magic
DesignDefine target state, do not focus on methods or scripts
DesignPush architecture: Instantly apply your changes
Small corecdist's core is very small - less code, less bugs
Fast developmentFocus on straightforwardness of type creation is a main development objective
Modern Programming Languagecdist is written in Python
Requirements, ScalabilityNo central server needed, cdist operates in push mode and can be run from any computer
Requirements, Scalability, Upgradecdist only needs to be updated on the master, not on the target hosts
Requirements, SecurityUses well-know SSH as transport protocol
Requirements, SimplicityRequires only shell and SSH server on the target
UNIXReuse of existing tools like cat, find, mv, ...
UNIX, familar environment, documentationIs available as manpages and HTML
UNIX, simplicity, familar environmentcdist is configured in POSIX shell

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