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Docker 0.10.0 发布,Linux 容器引擎
oschina 2014年04月09日

Docker 0.10.0 发布,Linux 容器引擎

oschina oschina 发布于2014年04月09日 收藏 6 评论 5

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Docker 0.10 发布,此版本包括了 Ops tooling 的改进,提升了系统质量: bug 修复,测试示例和文档的改进,清理了 UI 小问题等等。在这段时间里关闭了 48 个 tickets ,合并了 68 个 pull requests,以下是值得注意的改进:

  • A new integration test harness will help us limit any regressions on the command line interface.

  • Output issues during ‘docker build’ have been fixed

  • Various performance and stability issues when running thousands of containers on the same machine have been fixed.

  • Symlink handling during ‘docker build’ has been fixed

  • The ‘docker build’ command can use client credentials when pulling private Git repositories

  • Multiple reliability and performance improvements to devicemapper storage

  • Caching issues during ‘docker build’ have been fixed

  • df, mount and similar tools can now be used inside a container

  • ‘docker build’ can now call commands which require MKNOD capabilities

  • Dozens of minor documentation improvements

  • Better test coverage across the board

  • Shell completion has been fixed

  • tmux and other console tools can now be used inside a container

  • Content detection in ‘docker cp’ has been fixed

  • The lxc execution driver works with lxc 1.0

  • Issues with high-throughput allocation of network ports have been fixed

  • ‘docker push’ now supports pushing a single image to the Docker index instead of all tags

  • The content and volume of error messages has been made more readable

  • Issues with ‘docker run –volumes-from’ have been fixed

  • Apparmor issues on certain versions of Ubuntu have been fixed

  • Race conditions, slow memory leaks and thread leaks have been fixed

  • The output of some commands is sorted to be more predictable

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我以为是1.0.0了呢 NO


完整的版本号是:Docker 0.10.0