Visifire 2.2.8 beta 3 发布

发布于 2009年09月26日
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  • If ScrollBarScale property was not set in AxisX then while adding DataPoints at runtime, Chart was not behaving as expected.


  • Pie label placement algorithm has been improved. We have introduced a new property called SmartLabelEnabled in Chart. If SmartLabelEnabled property is set to True, the Pie/Doughnut labels which overlap will be skipped automatically. This property is very useful when labels are dense. Please check documentation for more detail.
  • MaxWidth and MaxHeight properties have been introduced in Legend. Now you will be able to set the maximum width and height of Legend.
  • Now LabelAngle property will be applicable for Point and Bubble charts also.
  • By default Legend will be disabled for Pie/Doughnut/StreamLineFunnel/SectionFunnel charts. You can enable Legend by setting ShowInLegend property in DataSeries.
  • For Pie/Doughnut/StreamLineFunnel/SectionFunnel, the default value for LabelText property will be #AxisXLabel,#YValue.
  • If LabelStyle property is set in DataSeries/DataPoint, auto placement for DataPoint labels will not work.

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