JBoss Forge 2.2.0.Final (Goldsmith) 发布

发布于 2014年03月18日
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代号为 Goldsmith 的 JBoss Forge 2.2.0 正式版发布了,值得关注的改进有:

  • The Prompts are back in town: Required options are now prompted for you if you forgot to fill in a value.
  • BOM BOM BOM: Forge 2 now provides a forge-bom module for usage with other addons.
  • Commands, Commands everywhere: New commands were introduced: project-has-dependencies, addon-setup-dependencies, constraint-new-annotation, constraint-new-group.
  • JSON Addon: Forge 2 addons now support parsing of JSON data using the JSR 353 – Java API for JSON Processing
  • Changes to the Scaffolding provider APIs and SPIs: Scaffolding providers now have control over the content of the dialogs required by them. Dialogs to setup Forge Facets can now be aggregated into a single dialog by the providers.


Release Notes


  • [FORGE-1623] – Could not register resource monitor with track-changes
  • [FORGE-1636] – RmCommand same label for force and recousive
  • [FORGE-1637] – UIInput.hasDefaultValue() returns true if defaultValue is explicitly set to null
  • [FORGE-1661] – project-add-dependency ignore new scope
  • [FORGE-1662] – addon-build-and-install ignores —projectRoot argument
  • [FORGE-1672] – Creating a nested "Forge Addon" project can break parent POM definition

Component Upgrade


  • [FORGE-1632] – Deprecate createResource methods in facets
  • [FORGE-1633] – Refactor the Resources API to support writeable Resources
  • [FORGE-1666] – Add BOM to new addon projects

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-1461] – "project-new" command fails while a ResourceTransaction is active
  • [FORGE-1566] – Create a command to setup addon dependencies
  • [FORGE-1613] – FileWatcher should handle missing folders after deleting a project root directory.
  • [FORGE-1624] – Create JPASetupWizard interface so JPA setup can be invoked from other plugins
  • [FORGE-1625] – Prevent UIWizards from being merged into dialogs
  • [FORGE-1628] – Support a facet for templates that are provided by the project
  • [FORGE-1635] – Shouldn't these commands be isProjectRequired() return true
  • [FORGE-1651] – Introduce a parser-json addon
  • [FORGE-1660] – Add project-has(-managed)-dependencies command
  • [FORGE-1665] – Create a BOM project located at forge/core/bom
  • [FORGE-1668] – Prompt for input of required unpopulated inputs
  • [FORGE-1673] – javax.sound.* classes cannot be resolved using ServiceLoader


  • [FORGE-1616] – Command constraint-new-annotation to create a new constraint
  • [FORGE-1619] – Command constraint-new-group to create a new group
  • [FORGE-1631] – The output is out of sync and duplicated
  • [FORGE-1655] – parser-xml should use the simple container instead of CDI
  • [FORGE-1657] – Migrate facets addon to simple container
  • [FORGE-1658] – Migrate environment addon to simple container
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