TXR 84 发布,文本抽取的模式匹配语言

发布于 2014年03月09日
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TXR 84 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • An important change in quasiquote syntax that breaks backward compatibility (albeit trivially)

  • A new assert directive in the pattern language

  • Functions for environment manipulation are exposed

  • New functions for simplifying the opening of multiple files as one big stream

  • A base ten log function. print-line can be called with no arguments

  • Fixes broken support for dynamic field widths and precisions in the format function

  • Fixes a few minor bugs in the main command line processing and elsewhere

TXR 是一个新的用于文本抽取的模式匹配语言,用于替换 awk 和 perl,提供基于模板的全文匹配。

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