BigBlueButton 0.81 发布,远程教育平台

编辑: oschina
2013-11-07 00:00:00

BigBlueButton 0.81 发布,主要改进的特性包括:

  • Usability Improvements - BigBlueButton now has a consolidated Users window for easier session management and a more consistent user interface (including updated skin and icons) to help new users get started quickly. For a closer look, see moderator/presenter tutorialand for viewer tutorial.

  • Recording - BigBlueButton now records all activity in the session (audio, video, presentation, chat, and desktop sharing) for playback. Playback of recording is supported in Chrome and FireFox.

  • Layout Manager - BigBlueButton now enables users to choose from a number of preset layouts to quickly adapt to different modes of learning.

  • Text tool for whiteboard - Presenters can now annotate their slides with text.

  • New APIs - The BigBlueButton API now includes the ability to dynamically configure each client on a per-user bases, thus enabling developers to configure the skin, layout, modules, etc. for each user. There is also a JavaScript interface to control the client.

  • Accessiblity for screen readers - BigBlueButton adds accessibility by supporting screen readers such as JAWS (version 11+) and NVDA. A list of keyboard shortcuts have been added to make it easier to navigate through the interface using the keyboard.

  • LTI Support - BigBlueButton is IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.0 compliant. This means any LTI consumer can integrate with BigBlueButton without requiring custom plug-ins (see BigBlueButton LTI certification and video).

  • Mozilla Persona - The API demos now demonstrate how to sign into a BigBlueButton session using Mozilla Persona.

  • Support for LibreOffice 4.0 - BigBlueButton now uses LibreOffice 4.0 for conversion of of MS Office documents (upload of PDF is still recommend to provide best results).

  • Updated components - We've updated BigBlueButton packaging to use red5 1.0.2, FreeSWITCH (1.5.x), and grails 1.3.6.

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