TinyMCE 4.0.17 发布,在线 HTML 编辑器

发布于 2014年02月27日
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TinyMCE 4.0.17 发布了,该版本进一步提升可访问性,文档的完善。同时重新引入图像下拉列表和链接对话框。


Added much better wai-aria accessibility support when it comes to keyboard navigation of complex UI controls.
Added dfn,code,samp,kbd,var,cite,mark,q elements to the default remove formats list. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
Added var,cite,dfn,code,mark,q,sup,sub to the list of elements that gets cloned on enter. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
Added new visual_anchor_class option to specify a custom class for inline anchors. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
Added support for paste_data_images on WebKit/Blink when the user pastes image data.
Added support for highlighting the video icon when a video is added that produces an iframe. Patch contributed by monkeydiane.
Added image_class_list/link_class_list options to image/link dialogs to let the user select classes.
Fixed bug where the ObjectResizeStart event didn't get fired properly by the ControlSelection class.
Fixed bug where the autolink plugin would steal focus when loaded on IE 9+.
Fixed bug where the editor save method would remove the current selection when called on an inline editor.
Fixed bug where the formatter would merge span elements with parent bookmarks if an id format was used.
Fixed bug where WebKit/Blink browsers would scroll to the top of the editor when pasting into an empty element.
Fixed bug where removing the editor would cause an error about wrong document on IE 11 under specific circumstances.
Fixed bug where Gecko would place the caret at an incorrect location when using backspace.
Fixed bug where Gecko would throw "Wrong Document Error" for ranges that pointing to removed nodes.
Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to properly update the title and encoding properties in the fullpage plugin.
Fixed bug where paste plugin would produce an extra undo level on IE.
Fixed bug where the formatter would apply inline formatting outside the current word in if the selection was collapsed.
Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to delete tables on Chrome if you placed the selection within all the contents of the table.
Fixed bug where older IE versions wouldn't properly insert contents into table cells when editor focus was lost.
Fixed bug where older IE versions would fire focus/blur events even though the editor focus didn't change.
Fixed bug where IE 11 would add two trailing BR elements to the editor iframe body if the editor was hidden.
Fixed bug where the visualchars plugin wouldn't display non breaking spaces if they where inserted while the state was enabled.
Fixed bug where the wordcount plugin would be very slow some HTML where to much backtracking occured.
Fixed so pagebreak elements in the editor breaks pages when printing. Patch contributed by penc.
Fixed so UndoManager events pass though the original event that created the undo level such as a keydown, blur etc.
Fixed so the inserttime button is callsed insertdatetime the same as the menu item and plugin name.
Fixed so the word count plugin handles counting properly on most languages on the planet.
Fixed bug where the auroreize plugin would throw an error if the editor was manually removed within a few seconds.
Fixed bug where the image dialog would get stuck if the src was removed. Patch contribued by monkeydiane.
Fixed bug where there is an extra br tag for IE 9/10 that isn't needed. Patch contributed by monkeydiane.
Fixed bug where drag/drop in a scrolled editor would fail since it didn't use clientX/clientY cordinates. Patch contributed by annettem.

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