PyAMF 0.4 Released - created

发布于 2009年01月19日
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PyAMF 是一个Python 实现的 AMF ( ActionScript Message Format ) 协议的编码和解码器,支持 Flash 播放器 6 和更新的版本。

This release fixes over a 100 tickets, see the changelog for the complete list of changes. We now consider the library to be stable and ready for production! A brief overview of the changes:

  • A new C extension to pyamf.util and pyamf.amf3. This is a work in progress, created using Cython, and more sections of the library will be moved to C as they are identified. Thanks to Gerard Escalante.
  • An adapter for SQLAlchemy 0.4/0.5 is available, allowing object graphs to be easily encoded. See the wiki for more information. Thanks to Dave Thompson and Michael Van Tellingen.
  • Improvements to the Google App Engine adapter to allow datastore objects to be easily encoded/decoded.


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