Meteor 0.7.1 发布,Web 应用构建平台

编辑: oschina
2014-02-25 00:00:00

Meteor 0.7.1 发布,此版本支持 oplog,实现了复杂查询;随着 oplog 驱动的部署成功,1.0 版本会新增两个重要的特性:(1)新的 rendering 引擎(命名为 Blaze);(2)对打包系统进行大的更新。

此版本还支持 Meteror 开发者账号,同时还为 Meteor 增加了新的登录系统。其他重要的更新内容如下:

  • As part of the oplog driver work, we've added support to minimongo for more of the "estoteric corners" of the MongoDB query languge.  See the release notes for details: a partial list includes improvements to$regexp, $nin, $ne, $not, $elemMatch, $comment, and the$ positional operator.

  • For better security, we now hash client login tokens before storing them in the database. Legacy unhashed tokens are upgraded to hashed tokens in the database as they are used in login requests.

  • We've deprecated Accounts.loginServiceConfiguration in favor ofServiceConfiguration.configurations, exported by the newservice-configuration package.  Accounts.loginServiceConfiguration is maintained for backwards-compatibility, but it is defined in aMeteor.startup block and so cannot be used from top-level code.

  • We added sourcemap support for CSS stylesheet processors like LESS.

  • We updated Node.js to 0.10.25 and jQuery 1.11.0.  (See upgrade instructions.)


Meteor 是一组新的技术用于构建高质量的 Web 应用,提供很多现成的包,可直接在浏览器或者云平台中运行。


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