4tH 3.62.2 发布,Forth 语言编译器

发布于 2014年02月24日
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4tH 3.62.2 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • Support for quotations was added

  • The library files now support coroutines, HTML generation, Adler32, MD5, and SHA-1/256 checksum routines, and several new randomizers

  • ANS Forth conversion and library specific support in the preprocessor were moved to preprocessor libraries

    most don't use any registers

  • The object orientation method definition and closures syntax has been cleaned up

  • The preprocessor has been vastly enhanced, supports symbol definition and verbose options, and you can execute, save, or generate C source without calling 4th separately

  • A tiny Web server was added to the examples

4tH 是一个 Forth 语言的编译器,它不仅是一个一般的编译器,还可以将 Forth 语言转成其他语言的字节码和独立可运行程序,支持 95% 以上的 Forth 语言的字符集。

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