Jodd 3.5 发布,Java 常用工具包

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作者: zqq90
2014-02-22 00:00:00

Jodd = tools + ioc + mvc + db + aop + tx + html < 1.3M


这个版本包含了一些重要更改,但是迁移并不麻烦 ;)

[2014-02-22] 3.5 更新记录
【修复】 Generated table references appends '_' in `DbOom`.
【新增】 Added `GenericDao` to `DbOom`.
【新增】 Added `@DbMapTo` annotation (incubation feature).
【修改】 `ReferenceMap` removed.
【新增】 Added JSPP - JSP pre-processor (incubation feature).
【修改】 Result paths now include the path as well! ATTENTION: your app may break if you were using # in your results - try to put one more #, since there is one more path chunk to skip.
【修改】 Removed default aliases in `Madvoc`.
【修改】 Removed ActionPathMapper in `Madvoc`.
【新增】 Added Result to `Madvoc` for easier referencing target paths.
【修改】 Methref simplified.
【修改】 `ActionResult#render` significantly simplified.
【修改】 Removed @Action#result as not really needed for `Madvoc`.
【新增】 Added @RenderWith annotation fro `Madvoc`. Return values now can specify result class.
【修改】 In `Madvoc`, ActionResult is not interface any more.
【修复】 Fixed some encoding-related issues with email addresses.
【新增】 Added 'keep-alive' support for `Http`.
【新增】 Added RequestScope for `Petite`.
【新增】 Printf has new 0b prefix.
【修复】 Some Printf issues with printing and rounding float numbers fixed.
【修改】 Removed DefaultScope setting for `Petite`.
【新增】 Added destroyable methods for `Petite`.
【修改】 Added SessionMonitor instead of SessionMapListener.
【修复】 Fixed some gzip encoding problems with `Http`.
【修改】 Removed `Madvoc` supplement actions as they may fill up the memory.
【新增】 Added copy operator for `Props`.
【新增】 Added useActiveProfilesWhenResolvingMacros for `Props`.
【新增】 Minor change in GZipFilter, allow to match all extensions.
【新增】 `Http` supports various PROXYs.
【修改】 SessionScope now works only with RequestContextListener!
【新增】 Added connection provider for `Http`.
【新增】 Added jodd-log module and removed direct dependency on 'slf4j'. Now all logging is done via our module.
【修改】 Removed bean loaders. Use BeanCopy tool instead.
【修改】 Removed JSP functions. There were too many functions, users instead should define custom JSP functions using our utilities.

ActionResult 迁移指南(非官方,由 @webit 提供)

 1. 原有的`ActionResult`已成为一个接口而不是抽象类,请更改继承`BaseActionResult`

 2. render方法去除后两个参数 `String resultValue, String resultPath`

3. 如果需要resultPath参数,如:

public class MyResult extends BaseActionResult<String> {
    public static final String NAME = "wit";
    @In(scope = ScopeType.CONTEXT)
    protected ResultMapper resultMapper;
    public WebitScriptResult() {
    public void render(final ActionRequest actionRequest, final String resultValue) throws Exception {
        //得到Jodd Style 的 resultPath
        String resultPath = resultMapper.resolveResultPath(actionRequest.getActionPath());
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