Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.15-25.4 发布

发布于 2014年02月21日
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Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.15-25.4 发布,此版本现在已在软件仓库 中提供二进制下载。

此版本是基于 Percona Server 5.6.15-63.0 的 bug 修复版本,包括里面的所有 bug 修复,当前已经发布可用的 Galera Replicator 3.3 和 Codership wsrep API 5.6.15-25.2

Bugs fixed

  • Parallel Applying was not functioning which was evident from the wsrep_cert_deps_distance being 1.0 at all times. Bug fixed #1277703.

  • Binlog events were created for the statements for non-InnoDB tables, but they were never cleaned from transaction cache, which could lead to node crash. Bug fixed #1277986.

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster didn’t validate the parameters of wsrep_provider_options when node was being started. Bug fixed #1260193.

  • clustercheck script would mark node as down on Debian based systems if it was run with default values because it was looking for the defaults-extra-file in the wrong directory. Bug fixed #1276076.

  • Deadlock would happen when NULL unique key was inserted. Workaround has been implemented to support NULL keys, by using the md5 sum of full row as key value. Bug fixed #1276424

  • Variables innodb-log-group-home-dir and innodb-data-home-dir are now handled by default (ie., there is no need to set them up in sst_special_dirs). Bug fixed #1276904.

  • Builds now use system Zlib instead of bundled one. Bug fixed #1277928.

  • If transaction size exceeds the wsrep_max_ws_size limit, there will appear a warning message in the error log and replication is skipped. However, the transaction was committed in the master node, and cluster would be in inconsistent state. Bug fixed #1280557.

  • Variable wsrep_load_data_splitting defaults to OFF now, using it turned ON with autocommit set to 0 is not recommended.

  • Other bugs fixed: #1279844.

更多更新内容请看发行说明,安装和升级指导可以查看 在线文档

Percona XtraDB Cluster是针对MySQL用户的高可用性和扩展性解决方案,基于Percona Server 。其包括了Write Set REPlication补丁,使用Galera 2.0库,这是一个针对事务性应用程序的同步多主机复制插件。

Percona Server是MySQL的改进版本,使用 XtraDB 存储引擎,在功能和性能上较 MySQL 有着很显著的提升,如提升了在高负载情况下的 InnoDB 的性能,为 DBA 提供了一些非常有用的性能诊断工具,另外有更多的参数和命令来控制服务器行为。

Percona XtraDB Cluster提供了:

  • 同步复制,事务可以在所有节点上提交。

  • 多主机复制,你可以写到任何节点。

  • 从(slave)服务器上的并行应用事件,真正的“并行复制”。

  • 自动节点配置。

  • 数据一致性,不再有未同步的从服务器。

Percona XtraDB Cluster完全兼容MySQL或Percona Server,包括:

  • 数据兼容。Percona XtraDB Cluster可在由MySQL或Percona Server创建的数据库上使用。

  • 应用程序兼容。如果要使用Percona XtraDB Cluster,你的应用程序基本不需要作任何更改。

此次发布的Percona XtraDB Cluster为alpha版本,不建议在实际工作中使用,开发者可据此了解Percona XtraDB Cluster的特性和功能。

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