Puppet 3.4.3 发布,系统管理工具

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Puppet,是基于Ruby的一个工具,可以集中管理每一个重要方面,使用的是跨平台的规范语言,管理所有单独的元素,通常聚集在不同的文件,如用户, CRON作业,和主机一起的离散元素,如包装,服务和文件。


集中式系统管理工具Puppet发布3.4.3。Bug修正版本。2013-02-19 修正了大约10个左右的Bug(包括Windows平台)。上个版本是2013-01-06的3.4.2/2.7.25.其他产品线3.2.4 3.1.1 3.0.2。


Puppet 3.4.3

Released February 19, 2014.

3.4.3 is a bug fix release in the Puppet 3.4 series.

Bug Fixes

PUP-1473: User resource fails on UTF-8 comment

Puppet’suserresource now supports UTF-8 characters for thecommentattribute, rather than just ASCII.

PUP-736: Encoding mis-matches cause package prefetching to fail

Previously, puppet could fail to process a package resource if it referred to an RPM whose description contained non-ASCII characters. Puppet now handles these resources correctly.

PUP-1524: Duplicate events since 3.4.0

Since Puppet 3.4.0, failed resources would sometimes be logged twice. These duplicate events were particularly problematic for PuppetDB, since they could cause the whole transaction to be rolled back. This release fixes the issue.

PUP-1485: test agent/fallback_to_cached_catalog.rb assumes no master is running by default

The acceptance test for falling back to a cached catalog would still run with a puppet master, even though the functionality assumed that the puppet master was unavailable. The test now guarantees that the master will be unreachable by specifying a bogus server.

PUP-1322: Puppet REST API always fails if there’s at least one broken manifest

Previously, REST API calls to<host>/production/resource_types/*?kind=classwould fail completely if there was a syntax error in one or more manifests in the module path. This release changes that behavior so that the call will succeed and list all parseable classes.

PUP-1529: Usability regression caused by PUP-1322

Fixes a regression caused by the fix for PUP-1322: syntax errors reached while loading an include would be squelched, which would eventually result in a misleading “class not found” error.

PUP-751: Performance regression due to excessive file watching

This performance regression was also linked to PUP-1322: excessive file watching was causing a significant slowdown during catalog compilation. This release addresses the performance hit and improves benchmarking by adding tasks to measure the loading of defined types.

PUP-1729: Remove Debian Sid from build targets

Acceptance testing on Debian Sid (unstable) was failing regularly due to factors outside of our control, like broken packages in the distribution’s own repositories. Acceptance tests are still being run against the Debian “testing” release.

Windows-Specific Fixes

PUP-1211: Puppet Resource Package fails

On Windows, thepuppet resource packagecommand would fail immediately if at least one of the installed packages had non-ASCII characters in its display name. Puppet will now use the correct string encoding on Windows, which fixes this bug.

PUP-1389: Windows File resources generating 0 byte files when title has “-“

This bug prevented puppet from properly managing the content of file resources with “-“ in their titles on Windows. This release fixes the bug.

PUP-1411: Windows agents experience intermittent SSL_connect failures in acceptance testing

Acceptance tests would intermittently fail on Windows due to a bug involving OpenSSL and WEBrick that would cause the connection to time out after 6.2 seconds. This release improves the OpenSSL initialization process and extends the timeout interval to 10 seconds, which fixes the bug.

下载: http://downloads.puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-3.4.3.tar.gz

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