Apache Archiva 2.0.0 发布,远程存储管理

发布于 2014年02月20日
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Apache Archiva 2.0.0 发布,Archiva 是一个管理一个和多个远程存储的软件。它能够与Maven,Continuum和ANT等构建工具完美结合。Archiva提供的功能包括:远程 Repository代理,基于角色的安全访问管理,Artifact分发、维护、查询,生成使用报告,提供基于Web的管理界面等。



[MRM-1126] - warning on changing repo location is confusing if it exists
[MRM-1746] - build merged index for groups with a cron schedule
[MRM-1764] - #users > edit roles -- please sort repository list for ease of use
[MRM-1765] - #users > edit -- please sort effective roles
[MRM-1798] - upgrade to last Spring 4.0.0

New Feature

[MRM-676] - Provide 302 redirect for latest SNAPSHOT
[MRM-1750] - Add remote repository health check


[MRM-1702] - Race condition caused by retrieving the same artifact
from a Proxy from muliple threads
[MRM-1761] - Returned URL in search result does not work for SNAPSHOTS
[MRM-1762] - Upload Artifact page allows to uploading SNAPSHOT
versions to non snapshot repositories
[MRM-1766] - Clicking the ".." when browsing should take you up one
level in the group chain and not "Home"
[MRM-1769] - Can't uploads multiple artifacts of different types
[MRM-1773] - log4j2 beta8 cause out of heap space with java-1.7.0_25
[MRM-1776] - UI Upload. The generated pom.xml is the artifact!
[MRM-1777] - User updating their own password doesn't gets error, but
the password has not been changed.
[MRM-1779] - pom artifacts cannot be searched on Archiva 1.4-M4
[MRM-1780] - Filtering on Artifact Id
[MRM-1781] - Error viewing artifact information
[MRM-1782] - SNAPSHOTS not getting purged
[MRM-1783] - The words "choosen" and "availables" used within the
Users Runtime Configuration
[MRM-1784] - Users Runtime Configuration - Unclear distinction between
User Manager and Rbac Manager
[MRM-1787] - Deletion of a repository, while users have the repository
manager role assigned causes errors
[MRM-1789] - Register link appears after logging in and back out even
"Disable registration Link" is checked
[MRM-1791] - ldap group mapping support for active directory
[MRM-1793] - trailing spaces not trimmed in upload form
[MRM-1795] - window.archivaRuntimeInfo.version is null in archiva/archiva.js
[MRM-1796] - Can't download large archive file due to


[MRM-1794] - update quartz to 2.x

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