Rsyslog 7.6.0/7.4.10 发布,多线程 syslogd 版本

发布于 2014年02月13日
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日志系统Rsyslog 7.6.0/7.4.10发布.2014-02-12 上个版本是2014-01-23的7.4.9。7.6是新的产品系列(基于开发版7.5.8)。需要librelp 1.1.4和libestr 0.1.7 有些新模块。其他产品线是7.2.7 6.6.0 6.4.2 5.10.1 开发版8.1.5,现在Rsyslogd基本是syslogd的标准了。


rsyslog 7.6.0 (v7-stable) released

This is the first release of rsyslog 7.6 in the v7-stable branch.

Since 7.4 a lot of new functions have found their way into rsyslog. With 7.6 being the successor of the 7.5 development branch, everything that has been added there has now found its way into the stable version. The major additions consist of

  • imrelp/omrelp now support TLS & (zip) compression

  • impstats is now emitting resource usage counters, can directly emit delta values and can now be bound to a ruleset

  • mmpstrucdata is a new module to parse RFC5424 structured data into JSON message properties

  • mmutf8fix is a new module to fix invalid UTF-8 sequences

  • mmsequence is a new module that helps with action load balancing

  • new defaults for main/ruleset queues to be more enterprise-like

Also the new stable version has undergone a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements and optimizations that make rsyslog 7.6 a lot more reliable and performing than before.

Also, requirements have changed a little. For rsyslog 7.6 you now require librelp 1.1.4 and libestr 0.1.7 due to major fixes.


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这个日志工具比较牛X 比SYSLOG好多了 Ubuntu也默认使用rsyslog了~