OrientDB 1.7 rc1 发布,文档数据库

发布于 2014年02月08日
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OrientDB 1.7 rc1 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  1. 给管理 LINKS 添加了新的 LINKBag,大大的提高了系统的性能

  2. SQL:  a new LOCK keyword to specify a locking strategy; a new RETURNING keyword to allow UPDATE and DELETE commands to return modified records; include() and exclude() to respectively include or exclude fields of documents; and support for LET in the UPDATE and DELETE commands. Graph API: support for an ordered edge list; new detach() and attach() methods to work with Graph elements offline; and new OrientGraphFactory to manage pooled instances

  3. HTTP: 支持标题和部分内容更新

  4. 数据库分块部署

Orient DB 是一个可伸缩的文档数据库,支持 ACID 事务处理。使用 Java 5 实现。

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