pgCluu 1.1 发布,PostgreSQL 集群性能审计工具

发布于 2014年01月29日
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pgCluu 1.1 发布,此版本包括了新特性,系统修改和一些 bug 修复。


  • Format mouse tracker on graphs to show all dataset values at a time.

  • Add run queue length report to system menu.

  • Add checkpoint write and sync times reports.

  • Add report of PostgreSQL version

  • Split background writer buffer and count statistics into separated reports.

  • Add report of maxwritten_clean into bgwriter reports.

  • Add report of kernel parameters to the system info page.

  • Add collect of system kernel tuning parameters.

  • Remove embedded CSS and javascript on each HTML page, resources are now automatically copied into the output directory if not already present.

  • Allow pgcluu to parse sar file generated from sa file, use commands -f /var/log/sysstat/sa*".

  • Split commit, rollback and backend graph by using a second yaxis for backend.

  • Add System Information report.

  • Move Cache hit/miss ratio on second yaxis and change dataset colors.

  • Add collect of OS release information.

  • Allow pgcluu_collectd to grab OS information (cpu, memory, etc.) and

  • info option to only grab that information (for testing).

  • Reformat dashboard information.

  • timezone to set the hour(s) from GMT time to adjust times on sar report.

更多内容请看 ChangeLog

pgCluu 是一个对 PostgreSQL 集群性能进行完整审计的工具,该工具分为两部分:

1. collector 收集器用于从 PostgreSQL 集群中获取统计数据,使用 psql 和 sar 工具
2. grapher 哟关于生成 HTML 报表和图表

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