Arcavias Core 2014.01 发布,电子商务框架

发布于 2014年01月10日
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Arcavias Core 2014.01 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  1. The library implements PayPal IPN handling and optimizes the catalog index rebuilds for 100000+ products.

  2. Developers can use the phing "createext" target to create a new extension skeleton.

  3. In the frontend, promotion products are displayed in the list view and product suggestions in the detail view.

  4. a session-related section for dynamic user content for the last seen products was added.

  5. The basket plugins now check for prices of product attributes.

  6. For editors, the category IDs are shown in the "Catalog" tab. Furthermore, invalid UTF-8 characters from Microsoft Word are removed

Arcavias 是一个网店的电子商务框架,包含一个电商库、管理界面以及不同的前端。这是一个模块化的堆栈提供灵活和高性能的基础。与其他网店不同的是,这不是一个单一的应用,你拥有多个用户前端的选择。

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