Vagrant 1.4.2 发布,虚拟化开发环境部署

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作者: windyland

这是Vagrant 的最近两次更新,每次更新距离上次相隔不过两个礼拜。功能改进不是很多,主要都为修复bug为主。

1.4.2 (December 31, 2013) 修正日志 Github


  • guests/linux: emit upstart event when NFS folders are mounted. [GH-2705]

  • provisioners/chef-solo: Encrypted data bag secret is removed from the machine after provisioning. [GH-2712]


  • core: Ctrl-C no longer raises "trap context" exception.

  • core: The version for Vagrant.configure can now be an int. [GH-2689]

  • core: Vagrant.has_plugin? tries to use plugin's gem name before registered plugin name [GH-2617]

  • core: Fix exception if an EOFError was somehow raised by Ruby while checking a box checksum. [GH-2716]

  • core: Better error message if your plugin state file becomes corrupt somehow. [GH-2694]

  • core: Box add will fail early if the box already exists. [GH-2621]

  • hosts/bsd: Only run nfsd checkexports if there is an exports file. [GH-2714]

  • commands/plugin: Fix exception that could happen rarely when installing a plugin.

  • providers/virtualbox: Error when packaging if the package already exists before the export is done. [GH-2380]

  • providers/virtualbox: NFS with static IP works even if VirtualBox guest additions aren't installed (regression). [GH-2674]

  • synced_folders/nfs: sudo will only ask for password one at a time when using a parallel provider [GH-2680]

1.4.1 (December 18, 2013) 修正日志 GitHub


  • hosts/bsd: check NFS exports file for issues prior to exporting

  • provisioners/ansible: Add ability to use Ansible groups in generated inventory [GH-2606]

  • provisioners/docker: Add support for using the provisioner with RedHat based guests [GH-2649]

  • provisioners/docker: Remove "Docker" prefix from Client and Installer classes [GH-2641]


  • core: box removal of a V1 box works

  • core: vagrant ssh -c commands are now executed in the context of a login shell (regression). [GH-2636]

  • core: specifying -t or -T to vagrant ssh -c as extra args will properly enable/disable a TTY for OpenSSH. [GH-2618]

  • commands/init: Error if can't write Vagrantfile to directory. [GH-2660]

  • guests/debian: fix use_dhcp_assigned_default_route to work properly. [GH-2648]

  • guests/debian,ubuntu: fix change_host_name for FQDNs with trailing dots [GH-2610]

  • guests/freebsd: configuring networks in the guest works properly [GH-2620]

  • guests/redhat: fix configure networks bringing down interfaces that don't exist. [GH-2614]

  • providers/virtualbox: Don't override NFS exports for all VMs when coming up. [GH-2645]

  • provisioners/ansible: Array arguments work for raw options [GH-2667]

  • provisioners/chef-client: Fix node/client deletion when node_name is not set. [GH-2345]

  • provisioners/chef-solo: Force remove files to avoid cases where a prompt would be shown to users. [GH-2669]

  • provisioners/puppet: Don't prepend default module path for Puppet in case Puppet is managing its own paths. [GH-2677]

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