Chronos 2.1 发布,来自 Airbnb 的作业调度器

发布于 2013年12月18日
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Chronos 是一个具备容错特性的作业调度器,可处理依赖性和基于 ISO8601 的调度。Chronos 是由 Airbnb 公司推出的用来替代 cron 的开源产品。你可以用它来对作业进行编排,支持使用 Mesos 作为作业执行器,支持和 Hadoop 进行交互。可定义作业执行完成后的触发器。支持任意长度的依赖链。


Chronos 2.1 发布了,主要改进内容包括:


  • Two column layout, making advanced options hidden by default
  • Removed dependency graph button from job list per feedback from Airbnb
  • Defaulted epsilon to 30 minutes per feedback from Airbnb
  • Normalized lots of font sizes and weights to simplify styles
  • Rendered templates that required no interpolation as plain HTML, meaning the user sees something on the page faster than previously
  • Rendered initial job list with a single write to the DOM rather than one per list item. This drastically reduced DOM access with long lists and decreased rendering time.


  • Removed all requests to Google’s font API in favor of a static stylesheet pointing to the public assets. This also removed a requirejs-plugin dependency, fewer JS files.
  • Upgraded Rivets from 0.4.5 to 0.4.9 and used the JS version instead of the CoffeeScript one to save unnecessary compilation
  • Reduced re-rendering that Rivets was handling
  • Delegated events in job list instead of adding listeners to each list item. This reduces the number of listeners required by dozens or hundreds with large lists.
  • Delegated tooltips in job list instead of adding listeners to each list item. This reduced tooltip listeners from 1-per-item to 1 for the whole list.

Bug 修复:

  • Deselecting the last job item previously forced a re-render of the entire list, which took a long time with a large list. That no longer happens.
  • Sorting the table would not render the correct arrow, depending on where the click occurred. The arrow now always represents the current sort order.
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