Apache PDFBox 1.8.3 发布

发布于 2013年12月01日
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Apache PDFBox 1.8.3 发布了,该版本主要是 bug 修复,修复的内容如下:

[PDFBOX-465] - invalid date formats
[PDFBOX-823] - NullPointerException in 
[PDFBOX-837] - Wrong RevisionNumber when disabling all permissions and using 
128bit encryption
[PDFBOX-1219] - org.apache.jempbox.impl.DateConverter unable to parse correct 
date value
[PDFBOX-1342] - Tags not fully preserved when merging PDFs.
[PDFBOX-1412] - NullPointerException when getting fields from a PDF file
[PDFBOX-1564] - Extending COSName to produce PDF/A with correct OutputIntents
[PDFBOX-1576] - StackOverflowError [COSDictionary.toString(COSDictionary.java:1418)]
[PDFBOX-1606] - NonSequentialPDFParser produces garbage text in document info
[PDFBOX-1607] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDFParser
[PDFBOX-1617] - Null pointer exception
[PDFBOX-1622] - TextNormalize init not thread-safe, may lead to infinite loop
[PDFBOX-1627] - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
[PDFBOX-1629] - Null PointerException
[PDFBOX-1630] - An interesting Exception error
[PDFBOX-1631] - Group Exception
[PDFBOX-1632] - Exception with validation
[PDFBOX-1633] - DateConverter needs to work
[PDFBOX-1638] - PDCcitt doesn't use color space
[PDFBOX-1639] - Infinite loop with PDFParser used by tika.
[PDFBOX-1643] - Check for missing validation processes does not work properly in 
[PDFBOX-1653] - Fix pdfbox eating up big chunks of memory for identical CID mappings
[PDFBOX-1655] - Wasted work (or incorrect behavior) in 
[PDFBOX-1657] - glyph contours missing
[PDFBOX-1663] - Hello World using a TrueType font ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[PDFBOX-1674] - Preflight doesn't correctly parse PDF if obj identifier not 
followed by line terminator
[PDFBOX-1681] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Color parameter outside of 
expected range: Red
[PDFBOX-1692] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
[PDFBOX-1694] - Bug in org.apache.pdfbox.io.Ascii85InputStream
[PDFBOX-1696] - Bug in org.apache.pdfbox.io.Ascii85OutputStream
[PDFBOX-1714] - Merging PDFs results in java.io.IOException: expected='R' actual='0'
[PDFBOX-1719] - NPE while signing PDF - acroform without fields
[PDFBOX-1730] - Image in PDF has extremely different colors when rendered
[PDFBOX-1735] - Convert page pdf to image
[PDFBOX-1737] - Skip whitespaces when resolving a XRef
[PDFBOX-1743] - OutOfMemoryError in fontbox
[PDFBOX-1749] - Out of memory exception when parsing TTF file
[PDFBOX-1753] - The font gets gibbrish when adding a line of text to an existing 
PDF with a table
[PDFBOX-1758] - Preflight doesn't report Filespec dictionary that refers 
(indirectly) to an EmbeddedFile entry in some cases
[PDFBOX-1764] - PDFBox takes ages to render page 2 of the attached PDF
[PDFBOX-1768] - cannot build last source code
[PDFBOX-1778] - Rounding issue in generated PDF file
[PDFBOX-1780] - previous revision is damaged after signing


[PDFBOX-1213] - Adding style information to the PDF to HTML converter
[PDFBOX-1564] - Extending COSName to produce PDF/A with correct OutputIntents
[PDFBOX-1613] - The ability to inject the time/random component into the 
COSWriter process to write a PDF document allows some advanced signature 
creation scenarios where the signature is generated on a separate server that 
does not hold the full PDF document.
[PDFBOX-1687] - add dispose() in pdfbox\pdmodel\PDPage.convertToImage()
[PDFBOX-1690] - Add description to embedded file
[PDFBOX-1702] - Performance improvement in PDPageContentStream.drawString
[PDFBOX-1744] - Be resilient to PDFs with missing version info
[PDFBOX-1782] - Add getMaxLength() and setMaxLength() methods to PDTextbox

New Feature

[PDFBOX-1054] - DateConverter: allow for external adding of potential date 
parsing formats
[PDFBOX-1766] - [PATCH] Visible Signature using PDFbox
[PDFBOX-1540] - Add XML output option to preflight
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