WAP和短信(SMS)网关 -- Kannel 1.4.2 发布

编辑: 红薯

Kannel是一个功能强大的开源的WAP和短信(SMS)网关程序,用来提供短信和WAP push消息下发。

最新版本 1.4.2 是一个稳定的版本,可用于生产环境。


Changes since version 1.4.1

  • Compatibility breakers
    • Internal message payload encoding changed from LATIN1 to UTF-8, which means any 1.4.2 boxes are unable to communicate with older versions.
    • Re-defined logic for the 'smsbox-route' group that is used for MO routing to different (identified) smsbox connections.
    • Changed main message structure to include foreign (SMSC) ID to it, breaking the access-log format and communication to older box versions.
  • New features
    • Added service routing based on account field, which allows routing of MO messages depending on the account set by an aggregating SMSC provider.
    • Added the new 'generic' system-type for HTTP SMSC, which allows the usage of the escape code sequenced in send-url and regex parsing of HTTP response.
    • Added 'interactive' mode via stdin and stdout to allow a more human like interaction with the fake smsc module.
    • Added support to pass the 'from' source addr via 'X-Kannel-From' HTTP header in the PPG request.
    • Added generic DLR handling for type 'kannel' (HTTP SMSC), which allows point-to-point DLR forwarding though the whole kannel instance chain.
    • Added support for store spool directory.
    • Added concatenation MO support.
    • Added AT SMSC support for protocol 'type = telnet', which interprets telnet escape sequenced compared to rawtcp.
    • Added REGEX support for keyword matching.
    • Added support for IBM AIX 64bit builds.
    • Added SSL support for HTTP SMSC module server.
    • Added bearerbox HTTP admin command 'reload-lists' to allow re-loading of the '[white|black]-list' on the fly.
    • Added support of concatenated, 8bit and Unicode messages over HTTP via Clickatell.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed alias support for sms-service in smsbox scope.
    • Fixed various MIME type handling bugs.
    • Fixed security and race condition issue in HTTP module for keep-alive connections.
    • Fixed wrong length calculation for concatenated messages.
    • Fixed bug that AT SMSC put UDH without UDH len.
    • Fixed various memleaks, reported by valgrind.
    • Fixed HTTP proxy scheme interpretation for SSL-enabled connections.
    • Fixed OTA compiler, within WBXML compilation.
    • Fixed encoding of 'Content-Id' WSP header.
    • Fixed various segfaults in SMPP, logging modules.
    • Fixed various AT command handling in AT module.
    • Fixed 7bit encoding in AT SMSC.
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