Puppet 3.3.2 发布,系统管理工具

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2013-11-13 00:00:00

Puppet,是基于Ruby的一个工具,可以集中管理每一个重要方面,使用的是跨平台的规范语言,管理所有单独的元素,通常聚集在不同的文件,如用户, CRON作业,和主机一起的离散元素,如包装,服务和文件。


集中式系统管理工具Puppet发布3.3.2。这是新产品线系列3.3的第二个Bug修正版。2013-11-12 上个版本是2013-10-07的3.3.1.只是修复了4,5个Bug.其他产品线3.1.1 3.0.2 2.7.23。


Puppet 3.3.2

Released November 12, 2013

3.3.2 is a bug fix release in the Puppet 3.3 series. The most important fix was a bug causing problems with NetApp devices.

Bug Fixes

Issue 22804: NetApp network device failing with Puppet >3.2.1 - “Could not intern…”

This caused failures when using the puppet device subcommand with NetApp network devices. It could also cause failures with any custom functions, types, or providers that used the Ruby REXML library to do heavy lifting, if they happened to callinclude REXMLoutside any module or class.

Issue 22810: RPM provider query method returns leading quote in package names

This was causing strange interactions with MCollective when querying packages on RPM-based systems.

Issue 22847: Windows Puppet::Util::ADSI::User and Puppet::Util::ADSI::Group issues WMI queries that hang Puppet in a domain environment

When getting a list of existing user accounts on a Windows machine, Puppet was putting out a query that could seem to take forever in a large ActiveDirectory environment. It was fixed by limiting the query to the local objects that Puppet actually cares about.

Issue 22878: Running processes on windows (through mcollective) cause private CloseHandle to be called instead of public method

This didn’t affect most users, due to the way Puppet is packaged on Windows, but it could cause major failures of many resource types for people running Puppet from source.



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