Resin 4.0.37 发布

发布于 2013年11月05日
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Resin 4.0.37 在9月4日就发布了,下载地址:

Resin 4.0.37 的改进记录包括:

  • windows: Added a global mutex to windows service wrapper to avoid starting multiple instances of Resin Watchdog
  • cloud: elastic server issues with dynamic remove/timeout (#5510, rep by T Pohl)
  • log: check for null logger name in LogRecord (#5499)
  • cdi: cdi vs jpa load order (#5493)
  • elastic: elastic servers use server-multi defaults (#5412)
  • jni: added check on nativeRead for buffer length (#5428, rep by Daniel Shearer)
  • deploy: start/fail must notify waiting threads (Hrushi Agrawal)
  • health: AnomalyAnalyzer now has min-deviation to avoid spurious messages (#5365)
  • cli: add password verification to password-generate (#5384)
  • access-log: add <access-log-buffer-size> in <cluster> (#5393, rep by A. Foong)
  • bam: force restart if BAM overflow continues (#5479, rep by J. Barr)
  • vfs: stat vs _stati64 issues on win64 (#5494, rep by Matias Lagerwall)
  • jsp: updated JSP page compile locking (#5460, rep by Nikolay Fedorov)
  • jsf: updated javax.faces to 2.1.24 (#5485, rep by cyttesen)
  • load-balance: cookie with max-age(0) not properly propagated (#5456, rep by H. Cleland)
  • shutdown: avoid spurious warnings on connection close during shutdown (#5463, rep by Stefanos Zachariadis)
  • cdi: multiple initializer classes in separate jars need to be unique (#5481, rep by Rick Mann)
  • bytecode: add constant-pool scanning for JDK 7 MethodHandle (#5466, rep by wxiaoguang)
  • session: add table-name to JDBC sessions (#5488, rep by B. Garber)
  • watchdog: add -Djava.web.headlesslib=true (# 5474, rep by Riccardo Cohen)
  • el: descriptor in BeanELResolver should be initialized lazily to work around JSF memory leak (rep by Mattias Jiderhamn)
  • servlet: ServletResponse.reset() should reset cookies (#5464)
  • fixed Resin.IIS.handler.dll intermittent slow connection to resin issue (#5455, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
  • cli: heap-dump double-dash isn't recognized with -raw option(#5454)
  • socket: client-disconnect exception needs to construct exception before socket close (#5392)
  • openssl: added "compression" flag with a default false (#5435)
  • jsp: dependency detection issues with inner classes causing recompilation (#5408, rep by stefan_bieler2)
  • servlet/async: async support with hmux (#5420, rep by bhauer1)
  • el: issue with permissions on inner classes (#5447, rep by mate)
  • webapp: check state on controller init (#5406, rep by gattu)
  • servlet: allow @Observes on servlet (#5444)
  • cli: status command needs to accept -watchdog-port (#5442)
  • servlet: getServerName() with IPv6 and no port (#5399, rep by shiny)
  • servlet: servlets with @Inject were not calling servlet init() (#5427, rep by Bill Digman)
  • classloader: classload errors in system classloader should not be at warning (#5416)
  • ejb: @Schedule must be removed when context closes (#5434)
  • cli: --version option was treated as version command (#5415, rep by Tamas Perlaky)
  • jsp: array index exception from utf-8 encoding buffer issues (#5436)
  • jsp: utf-8 encoding buffer issues with surrogate pairs (#5437)
  • network: issue with socket-timeout an non-jni (#5426, rep by HS Im)
  • quercus: preg_replace($array[0]) array dereference fix for preg_replace
  • quercus: ReflectionProperty::isProtected() fix
  • quercus: method_exists("__invoke") does not work with closures (#5501)
  • quercus: static local variables must be unique to a particular closure instance (#5502)

Resin是CAUCHO公司(的产品,是一个非常流行的支持 servlets 和jsp的引擎,速度非常快。Resin本身包含了一个支持HTTP/1.1的WEB服务器。虽然它可以显示动态内容,但是它显示静态内容的能力也非常 强,速度直逼APACHE SERVER。许多站点都是使用该WEB服务器构建的。

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