FreeBSD 10.0-BETA2 发布

发布于 2013年10月30日
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FreeBSD 10 的第二个 Beta 版本发布了,照例提供 amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc, powerpc64 and sparc64 版本。

与 Beta1 版本之间比较大差异包括:

    o Fix AHCI ATAPI emulation when backed with /dev/cd0 in virtio.

    o Improve XHCI stability.

    o Fix 'make delete-old-libs' and 'make check-libs' to delete .debug
      files created by WITH_DEBUG_FILES.

    o Upgrade to the latest version of mtree from NetBSD.

    o Enable the automatic creation of a certificate for sendmail.

    o Add support for "first boot" rc.d scripts.

    o Fix jail_parallel_start="YES", ip[46].addr when interface
      parameter is not defined, and a bug which prevented jails from
      starting when $jail_conf was used and no jail name was specified.

    o Disable the Xen userland event channel driver, which is not yet

    o Update T4 and T5 firmwares (cxgbe(4)).

    o Please note the following:

    - If using the ZFS installation option in *and* have enabled
      full-disk encryption is enabled, a few entries will need to be
      manually added to loader.conf(5) before the 'bootpool' zpool
      will be available after the system boots.  This manual step
      is expected to be fixed in the next 10.0 release cycle build.

      The entries that need to be added are:


      This can be done at the final menu of bsdinstall(8), when
      prompted to boot into the newly-installed system;
      alternatively, this can be done post-install, in which case,
      the following must be run before appending loader.conf(5):

        # zpool import -f bootpool

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