Rsyslog 7.4.5 发布,多线程 syslogd 版本

发布于 2013年10月23日
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日志系统Rsyslog 7.4.5发布.2013-10-22 上个版本是2013-09-04的7.4.4。这是一个Bug修正版。修正了一些Bug 其他产品系列是6.6.0 6.4.2 5.10.1 开发版7.5.5,现在Rsyslogd基本是syslogd的标准了。



Changelog for 7.4.5 (v7-stable)

Version 7.4.5 [v7.4-stable] 2013-10-22

  • mmanon: removed the check for specific "terminator characters" after
    last octet. As it turned out, this didn’t work in practice as there
    was an enormous set of potential terminator chars — so removing
    them was the best thing to do. Note that this may change behaviour of
    existing installations. Yet, we still consider this an important
    bugfix, that should be applied to the stable branch.
    Thanks to Muri Cicanor for initiating the discussion
  • now requires libestr 0.1.8 as early versions had a nasty bug in
    string comparisons
  • omelasticsearch: add failed.httprequests stats counter
  • bugfix: invalid property filter was not properly disabled in ruleset
    Note that this bugfix introduces a very slight memory leak, which is
    cosmetic, as it just holds data until termination that is no longer
    needed. It is just the part of the config that was invalid. We will
    "fix" this "issue" in the devel version first, as the fix is a bit
    too intrusive to do without hard need in the stable version.
  • bugfix: segfault if re_extract() function was used and no match found
  • bugfix: potential misadressing on startup if property-filter was used
    This could happen if the property name was longer than 127 chars, a case
    that would not happen in practice.
  • bugfix: omelasticsearch: correct failed.http stats counter
  • bugfix: omelasticsearch: did not correctly initialize stats counters
  • bugfix: omelasticsearch: counter was only maintained in bulk mode
    This usually did not lead to any problems, because they are in static
    memory, which is initialized to zero by the OS when the plugin is
    loaded. But it may cause problems especially on systems that do not
    support atomic instructions – in this case the associated mutexes also
    did not get properly initialized.
  • bugfix: mmanon did not detect all IP addresses in rewrite mode
    The problem occured if two IPs were close to each other and the first one
    was shrunk.
    Thanks to for reporting this bug
  • bugfix: mmanon sometimes used invalid replacement char in simple mode
    depending on configuration sequence, the replacement character was set
    to ‘s’ instead of the correct value. Most importantly, it was set to
    ‘s’ if simple mode was selected and no replacement char set.
    Thanks to for reporting this bug
  • bugfix: memory leak in mmnormalize
  • bugfix: array-based ==/!= comparisions lead to invalid results
    This was a regression introduced in 7.3.5 bei the PRI optimizer
  • bugfix: omprog blocked signals to executed programs
    The made it impossible to send signals to programs executed via
    Thanks to Risto Vaarandi for the analysis and a patch.
  • bugfix: doc: imuxsock legacy param $SystemLogSocketParseTrusted was
    Thanks to David Lang for alerting us
  • bugfix: imfile "facility" input parameter improperly handled
    caused facility not to be set, and severity to be overwritten with
    the facility value.
    Thanks to forum user dmunny for reporting this bug.
  • bugfix: small memory leak in imfile when $ResetConfigVariables was used
    Thanks to Grégory Nuyttens for reporting this bug and providig a fix
  • bugfix: segfault on startup if TLS was used but no CA cert set
  • bugfix: segfault on startup if TCP TLS was used but no cert or key set
  • bugfix: some more build problems with newer json-c versions
    Thanks to Michael Biebl for mentioning the problem.
  • bugfix: build system: libgcrypt.h needed even if libgrcypt was disabled
    Thanks to Jonny Törnbom for reporting this problem



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