AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.8.1 发布

发布于 2013年10月21日
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AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.8.1 发布了,最大的变化是更新了 RESTful Sender API;此外增加对 JavaEE Bean Validation 的支持;支持 WildFly。可通过下载 WAR file 来体验该版本。



  • [AGPUSH-255] – Add server side validation and appropriate response body for bad requests

  • [AGPUSH-259] – When adding variant, all “help” links point to iOS help

  • [AGPUSH-298] – PushServer @DELETE methods violate REST specifications

  • [AGPUSH-299] – Misleading info in the Authentication Info section on the Mobile Variant Overview page

  • [AGPUSH-304] – Admin UI should do auth check before rendering content

  • [AGPUSH-342] – Admin UI installation details wrong label Description instead of Device Type

  • [AGPUSH-353] – Loading mispelled


  • [AGPUSH-343] – Add Access-Control-Max-Age to CORS preflight headers

Feature Request

  • [AGPUSH-200] – Add Google “Project Number” to Android Variant

  • [AGPUSH-271] – AdminUI: simplePushEndpoint for SP installations

  • [AGPUSH-275] – UnifiedPush Server: Add database CLI

  • [AGPUSH-287] – Undo OpenShift SSL Certificate workaround

  • [AGPUSH-288] – No way to show variant details if the variant has no name

  • [AGPUSH-302] – UnifiedPush: iOS-Corodva guide

  • [AGPUSH-305] – Move CURL commands to REST API specs

  • [AGPUSH-332] – Allow to add user

  • [AGPUSH-334] – Update to Ember 1.0.0

  • [AGPUSH-341] – Admin UI show push endpoint URL in installation details screen

  • [AGPUSH-354] – remove provider class name in persistence.xml

  • [AGPUSH-356] – Using AuthenticationManager injection with Agent parameter

  • [AGPUSH-357] – Using IdentityManagement injection with User parameter

  • [AGPUSH-375] – Update UnifiedPush Spec to use https



  • [AGPUSH-313] – Admin UI: Display Android Project Number

  • [AGPUSH-314] – Update AG-UP specs to reflect the project number property

  • [AGPUSH-348] – Update UP Specs

  • [AGPUSH-370] – Spec update

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