JBoss Portlet Bridge 3.3.0.Beta1 发布

发布于 2013年10月05日
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JBoss Portlet Bridge 3.3.0.Beta1 发布,值得关注的改进有:

  • Links to Script resources returned in an Ajax partial response no longer convert & into a html entity, enabling the script to be loaded correctly.
  • Fix issues around redirection when cookies are disabled
  • No longer retain the Faces ViewRoot when a Render Request has completed. For further details, see below.
  • Default to shortening the namespace that is added to the JSF Component Ids. For further details, see below.

完整的改进内容可看 Release Notes .

JBoss Portlet Bridge 是对 JSR-301 和 JSR 329 草案实现,用以支持在 portlet 中使用 JSF 技术开发,以及增强对其他 Web 框架的支持,当前支持 JSFSeamRichFaces 等。

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