TortoiseGit 发布,Git 图形化客户端

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作者: 首祚
2013-09-23 00:00:00


Released: 2013-08-18


  • Fixed  issue #1831 : Allow Origin Remote Renaming on Clone
  • Fixed  issue #1839 : Conflict dialog does not allow resolving multiple or all conflicts with the same option
  • Allow to send (patch)mails over relay servers (e.g. the one from your ISP)
  • When adding second and more remotes, prompt user to disable tag fetching to avoid fetching wrong tags
  • Fixed  issue #1845 : Add "pull" button on "git switch" window
  • Fixed  issue #1848 : TortoiseGitBlame doesn't scroll to the previously selected line on "Blame previous revision"
  • Underline git hash in log message view and jump to that commit when clicking on the hash
  • Fixed  issue #1829 : You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists) - allow to abort merge more easily.
  • Commit Dialog: Add "Pick commit hash" in message text box context menu
  • Can set log graph line width and node size
  • Updated shipped PuTTY PLink to version 0.63 (which contains some securiuty fixes)
  • Fixed  issue #1746 : Pressing "Delete" on keyboard should delete selected non versioned file in commit dialog
  • Sync Dialog: Add stash menu button
  • Fixed  issue #1852 : Add command-line argument to tortoisegitproc that specifies value for Directory field

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed  issue #1833 : Fast-Forward rebase does not preserve SHA-1 of commits
  • Fixed  issue #1832 : TortoiseGitMerge has an empty menue when German language pack is loaded
  • Fixed  issue #497 : TGitCache.exe won't let user delete folder
  • Mitigated issue #1011: "git svn" commands create "sys$command" file
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