AeroGear.js 1.1.0 发布,手机Web脚手架

发布于 2013年06月25日
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AeroGear.js 1.1.0 发布了,该版本包含全新的 Notifier 插件,可支持基于 websocket 和 vert.x 的消息服务通讯,修复了很多 bug,包括:


  • Bump version to 1.1.0
  • Update jQuery dependency to 1.10.x
  • README: Add Notifier entry and list of dependencies and links for all plugins
  • Build: Add notifier unit tests to build
  • Tests: Add very basic unit tests for Notifier. Real functionality will be tested with integration tests
  • fix grammar
  • Notifier vertx – inline example updates
  • Notifier stompws – inline examples added
  • Notifier vertx: examples added
  • Notifier core: examples added
  • Notifier stompws – remove unneeded onDisconnect
  • Tests: Update to latest version of jQuery
  • use local vars instead of privleged methods
  • Notifier vertx – remove unneeded methods
  • Notifier stompws: add autoconnect
  • Notifier vertx: remove removeAllChannels and call unsubscribe
  • update comment
  • Adding comment to code
  • Notifier stompws: copy channel first
  • Notifier stompws: make connect options an object if it isn’t
  • Notifier stompws: remove unneeded privleged methods
  • Notifier vertx: remove unneeded privleged methods
  • Stomp Adapter: remove sockjs references
  • Merge branch ‘master’ into Notifier-adapters
  • Pipeline:Rest – Add ability to set contentType and dataType during pipe creation. Fixes AGJS-31
  • Update to latest version of mockjax for testing
  • Notifier:stompws – Use straight WebSockets for now
  • Notifier:stompws – First draft of stomp websocket adapter for Notifier
  • Merge branch master into Notifier
  • Updated dist files
  • Notifier:vertx – Add getChannelIndex method to allow checking for existence of a subscription
  • Notifier:vertx – Change default value for autoConnect to false unless channels exist at creation
  • Notifier:vertx – Initial implementation of subscribe, unsubscribe and disconnect
  • Update .jshintrc to add vertx to globals
  • Notifier:vertx – Fix scope issues and error callback name
  • Notifier:vertx – First pass at Notifier with vertx adapter

AeroGear 是 JBoss 的一个新成员,是一个用于生成手机Web应用模板的脚手架。


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