PicketLink 2.5.0.Beta3 发布,统一身份管理框架

发布于 2013年05月23日
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PicketLink 2.5.0.Beta3 发布了,该版本实际上是 3.0 Beta2 的继任者,我们已经更改了版本号策略以避免进一步的开发。具体的原因,这里有叙述。



  • PLINK-116 - Change scope for JBoss Logging dependency in picketlink-common module to provided
  • PLINK-119 - DefaultIdentity is considering the User.id when comparing with the DefaultLoginCredentials.userId
  • PLINK-131 - Signed logout request does not contain the "Destination" attribute
  • PLINK-132 - PicketLink based SP's need to support different login and logout URLs
  • PLINK-136 - The IDM subsystem is always initialized even when a custom Authenticator is provided
  • PLINK-137 - Change the scope for CDI dependencies in picketlink-api and picketlink-impl to provided


  • PLINK-126 - Introduce individual annotations for JPA schema entities and properties
  • PLINK-135 - Add type parameters to CredentialHandler

Feature Request

  • PLINK-113 - Users should be able to use a IdentityManager for any of the configured realms.
  • PLINK-117 - The API documentation should aggregate the javadocs for the modules
  • PLINK-118 - Update documentation with the File and LDAP stores configuration
  • PLINK-120 - Login logic is not considering when the user is disabled/locked
  • PLINK-121 - Throw a specific exception when the user tries to authenticate twice using the same credentials
  • PLINK-124 - Add credential storage retrieval methods to IdentityManager
  • PLINK-127 - CredentialHandler implementations should check if the Agent is disabled
  • PLINK-128 - Refactor the Configuration API to provide a Fluent API using the build pattern
  • PLINK-142 - Provide more examples about how to mix identity stores


  • PLINK-92 - Container Bindings Project
  • PLINK-122 - Provide test cases for the base module
  • PLINK-125 - Umbrella task for 2.5.0.Beta3 documentation issues
  • PLINK-129 - Import the container bindings modules from PicketLink v2
  • PLINK-133 - Use getAgent() instead of getUser() throughout authentication API
  • PLINK-138 - Change project version from 3.0.0 to 2.5.0
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