AppScale 1.7.0 发布,GAE 应用发布管理

发布于 2013年05月14日
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AppScale 1.7.0 发布了,AppScale 是一个平台,允许用户发布和托管自己的 Google App Engine 的应用程序。支持 Python, Java, and Go Google App Engine 平台.


- System-level logging for admin user
- Fixed 'none' in database name, replication, and monitoring URL
- Speed up performance of AppDashboard
- Implement log levels for the AppController
- Prime AppDashboard before sending users to it
- Extend timeout from 30 to 60 minutes for images to boot in Eucalyptus.
- Add AppStats support for Python 2.7 App Engine apps.
- Refactor AppController's loging to not have everything at the DEBUG level.
- Namespacing now handled correctly by the datastore server.
- Uploading large apps from web UI now succeeds
- Updating login cookie at AppDashboard when apps are uploaded or deleted.
- Static secure files no longer lead to redirect loops.
- Channel API support for Java App Engine apps.
- Remove runtime checks for invalid Java classes from SDK.
- Mail API support for Java App Engine apps.
- AppDashboard now stores API status in Datastore
- AppController dying no longer kills the AppDashboard
- Resolved ndb deadlock issues with AppDashboard
- Fixed Cron API on Eucalyptus
- Altered build script to fail if any component fails to install
- Fixed 'appscale down' / terminate-instances when running on an AppScale image
- Apps can now be updated without first having to remove them
- Using Kazoo for ZooKeeper interactions, fixing NFS stale file handle errors
- Added EC2_SECRET_KEY and EC2_ACCESS_KEY args for AppScalefile
- Removed unused JavaScript files in AppDashboard
- 'verbose: False' now omits verbose flag in 'appscale up'
- Bulk loader now generates kind statistics
- Added bulk loader support for Java App Engine apps
- Java App Engine apps now support multithreading
- AppDashboard now uses graphical representations of numeric data
- Fixed XMPPReceiver, which broke with new AppDashboard implementation
- Cleaning up soft deleted items periodically
- ndb no longer sees memcache entries as corrupt
- Removed update SDK message from Java App Server
- Fixed bug where XMPP would fail for Java App Engine apps with capital letters in appid
- appscale.deploy now returns the host and port of the app that was deployed
- Enable AES support for apps that use pycrypto
- Properly adding lxml to dev_appserver's import path
- Removed AppDashboard's font references in CSS to files that don't exist
- Allow users to upload tar files with the app in a top-level directory
- When doing an 'appscale clean', we now remove local state in ~/.appscale
- Fixed starting AppScale on EC2 with a one node deployment, with --ips_layout
- Using retries when performing Kazoo operations with ZooKeeper
- appscale-upload-app now uses unique tempdir locations when uploading apps
- Uploading apps via web UI no longer throws 404s
- Large apps no longer timeout nginx when uploaded via the AppDashboard
- Using glob when importing Python libraries in dev_appserver
- Refreshing application names consistently in AppDashboard
- Caching AppController status at login node, resolving SOAP timeouts in Dashboard
- Improved stability for AppDashboard in Euca deployments

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