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Apache Buildr 1.4.12 发布,项目构建系统
oschina 2013年05月09日

Apache Buildr 1.4.12 发布,项目构建系统

oschina oschina 发布于2013年05月09日 收藏 11 评论 1

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Apache Buildr 1.4.12 发布了,Buildr是一个简单直观的Java项目构建系统,在进行了10个月的开发并获得许多正面反馈之后,Apache基金会将会向Buildr敞开大门并最终接手这个项目,这将是Apache基金会的第一个Ruby项目。


  * Added:  BUILDR-648 Add new package(:test_jar) packaging type.
            Submitted by Mike Pettypiece.
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-666 ZipFile.open modifies file regardless of usage.
            Reported by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt, fix by Alex Boisvert.
  * Change: Moved to using TravisCI to test the Linux variants.
  * Added:  Make the location of the wsdl in generated source configurable
            in the wsgen addon.
  * Added:  When generating the GWT facet for Intellij IDEA modules, use
            the gwt-dev maven artifact dependency if present as the SDK,
            falling back to the existing behaviour if not possible.
  * Added:  Improved support for auto-detection of VCS dirs when creating
            IDEA projects.
  * Added:  Added support for SuperDevMode in gwt addon and upgraded to
            GWT 2.5.1 by default.
  * Change: BUILDR-664 Update Checkstyle addon so that extra_dependencies is
            empty by default. Submitted by Dieter Vrancken.
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-663 require 'buildr' fails for Ruby 2.0.0.
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-665 Java artifacts in build.yaml breaking ArchiveTask.
            Submitted by Antonio Pérez Barrero.
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-662 reported time is much shorter than actual


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