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Apache Syncope 1.1.1 发布,数字身份管理
红薯 2013年05月04日

Apache Syncope 1.1.1 发布,数字身份管理

红薯 红薯 发布于2013年05月04日 收藏 9 评论 0

Apache Syncope 1.1.1 发布了,Apache Syncope 是用在企业环境的数字身份管理,在JEE技术的实施和Apache 2.0许可下发布的开源系统。



  • [SYNCOPE-351] - Errors when editing role membership assignment in notifications (About and Recipients)
  • [SYNCOPE-352] - No connectors available on clean install
  • [SYNCOPE-353] - UserTemplate evaluation generates unjustified attributes to be removed
  • [SYNCOPE-354] - LDAP Membership propagation does not remove memberships
  • [SYNCOPE-356] - Unable to set resource for role via the console
  • [SYNCOPE-357] - When deleting role on external resource, also remove from there users with resource assigned only via that role
  • [SYNCOPE-358] - ConnectorService#list invocation with null parameter actually calls ConnectorService#readByResource
  • [SYNCOPE-360] - Removing Role mapping from External Resource fails
  • [SYNCOPE-361] - When creating new report, the modal window does not close and an exception is logged
  • [SYNCOPE-363] - ApacheDS not available since second run of the standalone distribution
  • [SYNCOPE-364] - Rejected users are anyway propagate to associated resources
  • [SYNCOPE-365] - External attribute disabled in case of schema info not available
  • [SYNCOPE-366] - Uniform constraint violation building
  • [SYNCOPE-367] - ConfigurationTestITCase#browseAccountPolicy Selenium test fails
  • [SYNCOPE-368] - Cannot add 'RoleOwnerSchema' mapping item via console


  • [SYNCOPE-359] - Ignore propagation if no schema mapping is provided
  • [SYNCOPE-362] - Disable mapping tab when the underlying connector does not support correspondent ObjectClass


  • [SYNCOPE-126] - Database import / export and related tasks


  • [SYNCOPE-340] - Translate items of Syncope UI and config files labels for Portuguese language
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