OpenJPA 1.2.3 发布,JPA 规范实现

发布于 2013年04月21日
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OpenJPA 1.2.3 发布了,下载地址:

OpenJPA 是 Apache 组织提供的开源项目,它实现了 EJB 3.0 中的 JPA 标准,为开发者提供功能强大、使用简单的持久化数据管理框架。OpenJPA 封装了和关系型数据库交互的操作,让开发者把注意力集中在编写业务逻辑上。OpenJPA 可以作为独立的持久层框架发挥作用,也可以轻松的与其它 Java EE 应用框架或者符合 EJB 3.0 标准的容器集成。


  • [OPENJPA-677] - Single Table Inheritance Strategy causes entity identity issues
  • [OPENJPA-712] - Not correctly parsing the "having" clause with aggregate functions (ie. max, min, etc)
  • [OPENJPA-828] - Externalizer fails with ClassCastException with runtime enhancement
  • [OPENJPA-1001] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when executing attached test case
  • [OPENJPA-1091] - ReverseMappingTool fails for openjpa-examples/reversemapping sample
  • [OPENJPA-1226] - Can not merge entity with nested embeddable
  • [OPENJPA-1289] - Oracle driver throws exception due to incorrect mapping of XMLType column
  • [OPENJPA-1350] - Race condition in the MetaDataRepository
  • [OPENJPA-1376] - @SequenceGenerator allocationSize incorrect implementation
  • [OPENJPA-1387] - Unique colums automatically defined as non-nullable
  • [OPENJPA-1424] - Out of bounds exception using fetch plan
  • [OPENJPA-1433] - Maven openjpa*-sources.jar publication
  • [OPENJPA-1482] - NoSuchMethodError when calling setVersion on an enhanced property access Entity
  • [OPENJPA-1483] - count (Distinct e) in JPQL gives wrong result when the id field is a compound primary key
  • [OPENJPA-1500] - DataCache types and excludedTypes are case sensitive
  • [OPENJPA-1550] - When batchLimit=-1 or >1 and an exception is caused, the params and failedObject are missing from the resultant exception.
  • [OPENJPA-1569] - @Strategy triggers an InvalidStateException for fields which are declared as Java interfaces
  • [OPENJPA-1583] - Update by query fails on entities using Timestamp as Version field
  • [OPENJPA-1641] - SybaseDictionary should try both JDBC column names and Sybase specific column names
  • [OPENJPA-1644] - Null field values after calling EntityManager.remove()
  • [OPENJPA-1665] - Problems when using auto incrementing colums that start at zero
  • [OPENJPA-1668] - User's ''DBDictionary.sequenceSQL' setting not being honored on zOS
  • [OPENJPA-1678] - SQL Parameter values may contain sensitive information and should not be logged by default.
  • [OPENJPA-1682] - TestSimpleXmlEntity.testId failed with invalid DB2 create table SQL statement
  • [OPENJPA-1691] - Oracle XMLType column failed to insert/update when xml contains more than 4000 characters
  • [OPENJPA-1704] - PCEnhancer incorrectly generates readExternal
  • [OPENJPA-1814] - JPQL fails with Group By and Having aggregate_expression IN (subquery)
  • [OPENJPA-1854] - A 'find' or 'query' may return multiple instances of Entities which contain Embeddables, where the Embeddables use String identities, if the id value has trailing spaces.
  • [OPENJPA-1874] - Handle Oracle specific XML column type with @Lob annotation
  • [OPENJPA-1905] - jar-file validation should be deferred until after OpenJPA is confirmed to be the application's chosen provider
  • [OPENJPA-1911] - InvalidStateException is thrown when merge an entity with derived identiy
  • [OPENJPA-1957] - XML overriding column names for ArrayList attributes causes exception.
  • [OPENJPA-1993] - Deadlock Potential with ORM XML Processing
  • [OPENJPA-1996] - OpenJPA Samples fail on MacOS X
  • [OPENJPA-2006] - Sequence generated ids may fail to get assigned when flushing a graph with bi-directional relationships
  • [OPENJPA-2015] - ClassCastException when base entity class has InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE base with multiple entity subclasses
  • [OPENJPA-2051] - Entities in a relationship are not properly cascaded after a EntityManager.flush is executed.
  • [OPENJPA-2067] - A 'length' of '-1' passed to PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream can cause an exception on some, but not all, JDBC drivers.
  • [OPENJPA-2072] - InvalidStateException deleting an instance with a timestamp in its primary key
  • [OPENJPA-2095] - Unhandled exception thrown from within an Externalizer method causes incorrect/incomplete SQL to be generated/executed.
  • [OPENJPA-2107] - ManagedCache conflict due adding an entity 2 times in the same query.
  • [OPENJPA-2117] - XML overriding column names for 1xM attributes causes exception.
  • [OPENJPA-2133] - OpenJPA doesn't find custom mappings with an applicable class loader
  • [OPENJPA-2207] - Problems with numeric column name
  • [OPENJPA-2236] - Trace of connection info can cause class transform/enhancement to fail


  • [OPENJPA-758] - OpenJPA doesn't find ValueHandlers with an applicable class loader
  • [OPENJPA-1440] - Allow COUNT(*) instead of COUNT( for simple queries as an option
  • [OPENJPA-1557] - Logging configuration is difficult for running tests
  • [OPENJPA-1673] - Update MetaDataRepository docs
  • [OPENJPA-1699] - Streaming Lob support in DB2
  • [OPENJPA-1712] - Upgrade builds to use Apache hosted Nexus repo
  • [OPENJPA-1833] - Add build date/time, branch version/revision and copyright to docs
  • [OPENJPA-1836] - Update nightly-upload build script to use key/passphrase
  • [OPENJPA-2042] - Diagnostics for Application Managed EntityManagerFactory leaks.
  • [OPENJPA-2324] - Option to express literal in query string directly into generate SQL
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