Dnsmasq 2.66 发布,DNS缓存工具

发布于 2013年04月18日
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DNS轻量级缓存服务dnsmasq发布2.65版本。2013-04-17 上一个版本是2012-12-14的2.65。可以用它做DNS代理缓存及hosts主机名的集中管理使用(也可以做DHCP),非常好用。 此版本经过5个RC,修正几个Bug.可以作为认证的DNS server等。



version 2.66
            Add the ability to act as an authoritative DNS
            server. Dnsmasq can now answer queries from the wider 'net
            with local data, as long as the correct NS records are set
            up. Only local data is provided, to avoid creating an open
            DNS relay. Zone transfer is supported, to allow secondary
            servers to be configured.

	    Add "constructed DHCP ranges" for DHCPv6. This is intended
	    for IPv6 routers which get prefixes dynamically via prefix
	    delegation. With suitable configuration, stateful DHCPv6
	    and RA can happen automatically as prefixes are delegated
	    and then deprecated, without having  to re-write the
	    dnsmasq configuration file or restart the daemon. Thanks to
	    Steven Barth for extensive testing and development work on
	    this idea.

	    Fix crash on startup on Solaris 11. Regression probably
	    introduced in 2.61.  Thanks to Geoff Johnstone for the

	    Add code to make behaviour for TCP DNS requests that same
	    as for UDP requests, when a request arrives for an allowed 
	    address, but via a banned interface. This change is only
	    active on Linux, since the relevant API is missing (AFAIK)
	    on other platforms. Many thanks to Tomas Hozza for
	    spotting the problem, and doing invaluable discovery of
	    the obscure and undocumented API required for the solution.

	    Don't send the default DHCP option advertising dnsmasq as
	    the local DNS server if dnsmasq is configured to not act
	    as DNS server, or it's configured to a non-standard port.
            DNSMASQ_REMOTE_ID variables to the environment of the
            lease-change script (and the corresponding Lua). These hold
            information inserted into the DHCP request by a DHCP relay
            agent. Thanks to Lakefield Communications for providing a
            bounty for this addition.
	    Fixed crash, introduced in 2.64, whilst handling DHCPv6
	    information-requests with some common configurations.
	    Thanks to Robert M. Albrecht for the bug report and 
	    chasing the problem.

	    Add --ipset option. Thanks to Jason A. Donenfeld for the 

	    Don't erroneously reject some option names in --dhcp-match
	    options. Thanks to Benedikt Hochstrasser for the bug report.
	    Allow a trailing '*' wildcard in all interface-name
	    configurations. Thanks to Christian Parpart for the patch.

	    Handle the situation where libc headers define
	    SO_REUSEPORT, but the kernel in use doesn't, to cope with
	    the introduction of this option to Linux. Thanks to Rich
	    Felker for the bug report.

	    Update Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.

	    Fix crash if the configured DHCP lease limit is
	    reached. Regression occurred in 2.61. Thanks to Tsachi for
	    the bug report. 
	    Update the French translation. Thanks to Gildas le Nadan.



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