Rsyslog 7.2.7 发布,多线程 syslogd 增强版

发布于 2013年04月18日
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Rsyslog 是一个 syslogd 的多线程增强版。7.2.7稳定版发布。2013-04-17 上个版本是2013-03-06的7.2.6。基本是Bug修正和一些小改进。其他产品系列是6.6.0 6.4.2 5.10.1 开发版7.3.10 在最新的Redhat RHEL 5.9中rsyslogd已经作为缺省的syslog了(RHEL6一直就是)


Version 7.2.7 [v7-stable] 2013-04-17

  • rsyslogd startup information is now properly conveyed back to init
    when privileges are beging dropped
    Actually, we have moved termination of the parent in front of the
    priv drop. So it shall work now in all cases. See code comments in
    commit for more details.
  • If forking, the parent now waits for a maximum of 60 seconds for
    termination by the child
  • improved debugging support in forked (auto-backgrounding) mode
    The rsyslog debug log file is now continued to be written across the
  • updated systemd files to match current systemd source
  • bugfix: failover/action suspend did not work correctly
    This was experienced if the retry action took more than one second
    to complete. For suspending, a cached timestamp was used, and if the
    retry took longer, that timestamp was already in the past. As a
    result, the action never was kept in suspended state, and as such
    no failover happened. The suspend functionalit now does no longer use
    the cached timestamp (should not have any performance implication, as
    action suspend occurs very infrequently).
  • bugfix: nested if/prifilt conditions did not work properly
  • bugfix: script == comparison did not work properly on JSON objects
    [backport from 7.3 branch]
  • bugfix: imudp scheduling parameters did affect main thread, not imudp
  • bugfix: imuxsock rate-limiting could not be configured via legacy conf
    Rate-limiting for the system socket could not be configured via legacy
    configuration directives. However, the new-style RainerScript config
    options worked.
    Thanks to Milan Bartos for the patch.
  • bugfix: using group resolution could lead to endless loop
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • bugfix: $mmnormalizeuseramsg paramter was specified with wrong type
    Thank to Renzhong Zhang for alerting us of the problem.
  • bugfix: RainerScript getenv() function caused segfault when var was
    not found.
    Thanks to Philippe Muller for the patch.
  • bugfix: several issues in imkmsg
    see bug tracker:
  • bugfix: imuxsock was missing SysSock.ParseTrusted module parameter
    To use that functionality, legacy rsyslog.conf syntax had to be used.
    Also, the doc was missing information on the “ParseTrusted” set of
    config directives.
  • bugfix: parameter action.execOnlyWhenPreviousIsSuspended was accidently
    of integer-type. For obvious reasons, it needs to be boolean. Note
    that this change can break existing configurations if they circumvented
    the problem by using 0/1 values.
  • doc bugfix: rsyslog.conf man page had invalid file format info



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