PolarSSL 1.2.7 发布,SSL 加密库

发布于 2013年04月15日
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轻量级SSL库PolarSSL发布1.2.7.2013-04-13。上个版本是2013-03-13的1.2.6 一些安全bug修正的小版本。越来越多重量级的应用已经支持PolarSSL如hiawatha,OpenVPN等。




With the recent new attack on RC4 ciphersuites, in combination with the existing BEAST and similar attacks, some applications benefit from having different ciphersuite preferences depending on the SSL / TLS protocol version used. This release adds the ability to specify the allowed ciphersuite per protocol version withssl_set_ciphersuites_for_version().


The default keysize for the Cipher layer definitions of the Blowfish cipher has been changed to 128-bits. And if order to prevent compilation issues on the Raspberry Pi, the larger test suites have been chopped up into smaller subsets.

Bug fixes

A fix for the ARM assembly in the MPI module for specific compilers / arguments is included. The GCM module has been 'fixed' to allow sizes over 2^29 bytes in length.

Who should update

Our advice for users of the PolarSSL 1.2 branch is to update:

  • if your code runs on an ARM platform
  • if your application needs protocol version specific preferences for ciphersuites



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