CMake Editor - v1.1.0 版本发布

发布于 2009年01月03日
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CMake 编辑器插件提供语法着色。代码自动提示(内容辅助/content assist)。将CMake命令参考集成至Eclipse帮助系统中。能够编辑CMakeLists.txt和其它*.cmake文件。

1.1.0 版本 提供的功能有:

* Syntax highlighting for CMake defined variables, User defined Variables, Properties and Reserved Words
* Preference Panel to set custom syntax highlighting colors
* Documentation updated to CMake version 2.6.2
* Support for keystroke code templates to insert often used cmake code
* Preference Panel to define custom keystroke code templates
* Keystroke short cuts to comment/uncomment blocks of code
* Basic hover support to show brief description of command or variable being hovered over.
* Ability to open any CMakeLists.txt file or .cmake file on the file system, just not in the workspace.

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