StrongSwan 5.0.3 发布,Linux 的 IPsec 项目

发布于 2013年04月10日
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strongSwan 5.0.2  的受信任网络连接功能支持所有 IETF 标准的 PA-TNC 属性,和一个新的 OS IMC/IMV 对,提升了 Windows XP 的互操作性(支持 PKCS#7 证书容器和老的 NAT 遍历协议);测试框架从用户模态的 Linux 移植到 KVM。该版本更快更可靠。

strongSwan是一个完整的2.4和2.6的Linux内核下的IPsec和IKEv1 的实现。它也完全支持新的IKEv2协议的Linux 2.6内核。结合IKEv1和IKEv2模式与大多数其他基于IPSec的VPN产品。重点项目是strongSwan强认证机制,使用X.509公 开密钥证书和可选的安全储存私钥对智能卡通过一个标准化的PKCS # 11接口。一个特点是使用的X.509属性证书实现了先进的访问控制方案的基础上组的成员。


Version 5.0.3

  • The new ipseckey plugin enables authentication based on trustworthy public
    keys stored as IPSECKEY resource records in the DNS and protected by DNSSEC.
    To do so it uses a DNSSEC enabled resolver, like the one provided by the new
    unbound plugin, which is based on libldns and libunbound. Both plugins were
    created by Reto Guadagnini. Examples: ikev2/net2net-dnssec ikev2/rw-dnssec
  • Implemented the TCG TNC IF-IMV 1.4 draft making access requestor identities
    available to an IMV. The OS IMV stores the AR identity together with the
    device ID in the attest database.
  • The openssl plugin now uses the AES-NI accelerated version of AES-GCM
    if the hardware supports it.
  • The eap-radius plugin can now assign virtual IPs to IKE clients using the
    Framed-IP-Address attribute by using the %radius named pool in the
    rightsourceip ipsec.conf option. Cisco Banner attributes are forwarded to
    Unity-capable IKEv1 clients during mode config. charon now sends Interim
    Accounting updates if requested by the RADIUS server, reports
    sent/received packets in Accounting messages, and adds a Terminate-Cause
    to Accounting-Stops.
  • The recently introduced ipsec listcounters command can report connection
    specific counters by passing a connection name, and global or connection
    counters can be reset by the ipsec resetcounters command.
  • The tnc-ifmap plugin has been reimplemented without any dependency to
    the Apache Axis2/C library. Several configuration options have been changed.
  • The strongSwan libpttls library provides an experimental implementation of
    PT-TLS (RFC 6876), a Posture Transport Protocol over TLS.
  • The charon systime-fix plugin can disable certificate lifetime checks on
    embedded systems if the system time is obviously out of sync after bootup.
    Certificates lifetimes get checked once the system time gets sane, closing
    or reauthenticating connections using expired certificates.
  • The ikedscp ipsec.conf option can set DiffServ code points on outgoing
    IKE packets.
  • The new xauth-noauth plugin allows to use basic RSA or PSK authentication with
    clients that cannot be configured without XAuth authentication. The plugin
    simply concludes the XAuth exchange successfully without actually performing
    any authentication. Therefore, to use this backend it has to be selected
    explicitly withrightauth2=xauth-noauth.
  • The new charon-tkm IKEv2 daemon delegates security critical operations to a
    separate process. This has the benefit that the network facing daemon has no
    knowledge of keying material used to protect child SAs. Thus subverting
    charon-tkm does not result in the compromise of cryptographic keys.
    The extracted functionality has been implemented from scratch in a minimal TCB
    (trusted computing base) in the Ada programming language. Further information
    can be found at
  • Multiple certificates can be configured for left|rightcert in ipsec.conf. The daemon
    chooses the certificate based on the received certificate requests, if possible,
    before enforcing the first.
  • Mutual EAP authentication has been fixed when it is not used as first authentication
  • The NetworkManager backend (charon-nm) uses a TUN device to satisfy NM's need
    for a network device. This fixes LP:872824.
  • A route is installed for shunt policies (passthrough/drop). This fixes some combinations
    of shunt policies and virtual IP addresses as locally generated traffic wouldn't match
    the shunt policy anymore due to the route installed with the VIP. Also, the unity plugin
    includes the local address in split-exclude shunt policies.
  • Added an option (charon.plugins.ha.autobalance) to balance a HA cluster automatically.
  • Most parts of the android plugin (the backend for the Android VPN applet patch) have
    been removed and the remaining DNS handler has been moved to the new android-dns plugin.
  • Alignment issues in the kernel-netlink plugin have been fixed and the Netlink XFRM message
    attribute handling has been refactored.
  • The --disable-defaults configure option allows to disable all features
    that are enabled by default.
  • The charon.plugins.stroke.timeout strongswan.conf option allows to define a timeout in ms
    for any stroke command.
  • ipsec statusall reports the number of processed IPsec packets.
  • Reloading secrets from ipsec.secrets with ipsec rereadsecrets is now done atomically.
  • Supplementary groups are initialized using initgroups(3) when running as unprivileged user.
  • Fixed handling of IPv6 SQL address pools if multiple pools are assigned to rightsourceip.



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