Play Framework 2.1.1释出

发布于 2013年04月04日
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Play Framework 2.1.1 释出,下载地址:

该版本主要是 bug 修复,包括:

  • Reverted changes to multipart/form-data API so that no file submitted can be easily detected
  • Reverse router now escapes String path parameters
  • Invalid escape combinations in the query string and path now return 400 errors
  • Routes files that only contain includes now compile
  • Javadoc generation is now working
  • Compiled assets are no longer part of watched sources
  • Fixed some compilation problems on Windows
  • Improved routes helpers implementation
  • #884 Play can once again handle file uploads greater than 2GB (this was a regression in Netty, fixed by upgrading to 3.6.3) 
  • #889 Performance/concurrency bottleneck fix for JSON serialisation in Scala
  • #888 Fix Javascript reverse router default values
  • JSON macro fixes and improvements
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