Erebus 0.6 发布,2D 实时角色扮演游戏

发布于 2013年03月30日
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Erebus 是一个 2D 的实时角色扮演游戏,尽管还是早期阶段,但已经有两个任务可玩。

Erebus 0.6 发布,改进记录包括:

  • New gameplay modes, random dungeons, and permadeath were introduced.
  • Players can now select which stats to improve when levelling up.
  • New weapons were added: Holy Water, Acid, and different arrow types.
  • More spells for enemies were added.
  • AI improvements were made.
  • Graphical and UI improvements were made, including a circle for targetted enemy, graphical effects for spells and arrows, and UI changes for non-mobile devices.
  • A new turbo mode makes the game run at 2x speed.
  • Various bugs were fixed.
  • The Linux version now supports "make install", and an installer is now available for Windows
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