Apache Accumulo 1.4.3 发布,K/V 存储方案

发布于 2013年03月30日
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Apache Accumulo 1.4.3 发布了,Apache Accumulo 是一个可靠的、可伸缩的、高性能的排序分布式的 Key-Value 存储解决方案,基于单元访问控制以及可定制的服务器端处理。使用 Google BigTable 设计思路,基于 Apache HadoopZookeeperThrift 构建。


   * [ACCUMULO-906]  - Combiners documention could be improved
   * [ACCUMULO-954]  - ZooLock watcher can stop watching
   * [ACCUMULO-844]  - VisibilityFilter does not catch BadArgumentException
   * [ACCUMULO-1062] - large numbers of threads make in-memory updates slow
   * [ACCUMULO-977]  - listscans and listcompaction commands can get stuck on bad server
   * [ACCUMULO-921]  - Stop-server has unecessary SSHs
   * [ACCUMULO-915]  - os.getlogin is not portable python code
   * [ACCUMULO-912]  - getConnector in MockAccumulo clobber's existing user authorizations
   * [ACCUMULO-914]  - Junit tests in eclipse fail due to Classloader poorly parsing classpath locations
   * [ACCUMULO-907]  - stacking combiners produces a strange result
   * [ACCUMULO-889]  - Update jar regex in examples and scripts
   * [ACCUMULO-873]  - Remove hadoop boxes from monitor
   * [ACCUMULO-848]  - sometimes loggers don't stop
   * [ACCUMULO-789]  - Native debian package won't install due to make or makefile error
   * [ACCUMULO-788]  - Debian native package postinst scripts reference a bare $JAVA_HOME environment variable
   * [ACCUMULO-787]  - Debian packages rely on old hadoop-zookeeper package
   * [ACCUMULO-1125] - DistributedWorkQueue not releasing lock on failure
   * [ACCUMULO-965]  - Zookeeper session ids created as unsigned long, parsed in ZooUtils.java as signed long
   * [ACCUMULO-897]  - Port CloudStone fixes to 1.4.x branch
   * [ACCUMULO-872]  - both accumulo and accumulo-native contain native libs
   * [ACCUMULO-776]  - TimestampFilter should serialize start and end as longs in the IteratorSetting
   * [ACCUMULO-364]  - Security Policy file should be an example
   * [ACCUMULO-1173] - NPE in tracer on zookeeper disconnect

   * [ACCUMULO-1049] - Master does not need to get tserver lock
   * [ACCUMULO-909]  - NPE thrown for tablet readahead thread
   * [ACCUMULO-824]  - Tweak the rc.d levels to have tserver come up before tracers

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