spectrwm 2.2 发布,窗口管理程序

发布于 2013年03月28日
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spectrwm 是一个小型的窗口管理器,无需学习某个语言来做任何配置,这是黑客编写的,专门为黑客使用。特点是:小型、紧凑和快速。(图片另存为查看大图)

Vertical stack

spectrwm 2.2 发布了,主要是小改进:

Changes validation of default 'optional' programs to only occur when the respective config entry is overridden, not when the binding is overridden. Adds details to the man page and spectrwm.conf on how to disable/override the default programs. New quirks: NOFOCUSONMAP (don't change focus to the window when it gets mapped on the screen) and FOCUSONMAP_SINGLE (when the window is mapped, change focus if it is the only mapped window on the workspace using the quirk entry). A few other updates and fixes

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