Commons Logging 1.1.2 发布

编辑: 红薯

Commons Logging (JCL)提供的是一个Java 的日志接口,同时兼顾轻量级和不依赖于具体的日志实现工具。 它提供给中间件/日志工具开发者一个简单的日志操作抽象,允许程序开发人员使用不同的具体日志实现工具。用户被假定已熟悉某种日志实现工具的更高级别的细 节。JCL提供的接口,对其它一些日志工具,包括Log4J, Avalon LogKit, and JDK 1.4等,进行了简单的包装,此接口更接近于Log4J和LogKit的实现.

Commons Logging 1.1.2 发布了,该版本主要是 bug 修复和小改动,内容包括:

Fixed Bugs:
o LOGGING-124:  The jar manifest now contains proper OSGi-related metadata information. Thanks to Christian Schneider.
o LOGGING-144:  LogFactory and LogFactoryImpl will not swallow certain errors anymore (ThreadDeath
                and VirtualMachineError). Thanks to Sebastian Bazley.
o LOGGING-132:  Jdk14Logger now correctly uses the specified logger name. Thanks to Nathan Niesen.
o LOGGING-146:  Properly synchronize access to protected static field LogFactory.nullClassLoaderFactory.
                Thanks to Sebastian Bazley.
o LOGGING-119:  Prevent potential deadlock scenario in WeakHashtable. Thanks to Nitzan Niv, Philippe Mouawad.
o LOGGING-130:  Potential missing privileged block for class loader. Thanks to Matthew P. Del Buono.
o LOGGING-145:  LogFactoryImpl.setAttribute - possible NPE.
o LOGGING-142:  Log4JLogger uses deprecated static members of Priority such as INFO. Thanks to Jingguo Yao.
o LOGGING-128:  Static analysis suggests a number of potential improvements. Thanks to Peter Lawrey.
o LOGGING-147:  SimpleLog.log - unsafe update of shortLogName.
o LOGGING-148:  LogFactory.diagnosticPrefix and diagnosticsStream could be final.

o LOGGING-135:  Improved thread-safety for several log adapters, including AvalonLogger, SimpleLog,
                Log4JLogger, LogKitLogger. Thanks to Sebastian Bazley.
o LOGGING-138:  In case of a discovery failure now also the stacktrace of the cause will be
                added to the diagnostic message. Thanks to Luke Lu.
o LOGGING-133:  Change scope of Jdk14Logger.log(Level, String, Throwable) to protected, allowing
                subclasses to modify the logging output. Thanks to Shevek.

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