queXS 1.7 发布, 基于Web的CATI系统

发布于 2013年03月09日
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queXS (读 kweks-ess) 是一个基于Web的CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) 系统。

queXS 1.7 改进记录:

  • Interviewers can now email an invitation to respondents to complete the questionnaire online.
  • This major change required some structural changes to the database for security reasons, and therefore requires a database update.
  • Further new features include the ability to restrict appointments to the interviewer making them.
  • Also, operator and sample details can be edited and questionnaires can be deleted to keep the administration pages clean.
  • In the code itself, the PHP short tags have been replaced with full tags, which should improve compatibility on more systems and shared hosting
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