ApacheDS 2.0.0-M11 发布,目录服务软件

编辑: oschina
2013-03-06 00:00:00

ApacheDS (Apache Directory Server)的核心是目录服务,可以保存数据,并对不同类型的数据进行搜索操作。协议的实现在目录服务器顶层工作,提供与数据存储、搜索和检索有关的 Internet 服务。 ApacheDS 最重要的特性可能是利用不同协议公开目录服务的能力...

ApacheDS 2.0 发布第 11 个里程碑版本,改进记录包括:


 * DIRSERVER-1281 - StreamCorruptedException after brutal shutdown
 * DIRSERVER-1797 - The AdministrativeRole AT is not indexed, leadings
to huge delay when starting the server
 * DIRSERVER-1798 - The AdministrativePoint interceptor is always
activated, even if it's not part of the config
 * DIRSERVER-1799 - When deleting values from an existing entry, the
presence index might get out of date
 * DIRSERVER-1802 - Disabling an authenticator results in a NPE
 * DIRSERVER-1803 - When the SimpleAuthenticator is disabled, and the
auth level is set to SIMPLE, we can bind freely
 * DIRSERVER-1804 - [patch] Fix ApacheDS code to allow control and
reduce number of outputted logs
 * DIRSERVER-1805 - The replication janitor thread is not stopped
correctly when teh server is stopped
 * DIRKRB-85 - @CreateKdcServer should include searchBaseDn attribute


 * DIRSERVER-1321 - Clarify relationship between partition.syncOnWrite
and apacheDS.syncPeriodMillis configuration attributes
 * DIRSERVER-1322 - Autoinferring context entry
 * DIRSERVER-1808 - We should evaluate the Scope and any other index
in a fliter only when the # of candidate is above a threshold
 * DIRKRB-86 - The Kerberos server badly need some logging...
We also fixed some serious issues with the way indexes where handled
(the base was doomed after a crash or a brutal stop), many fixes has
been intergated in the Kerberos code, and some performance improvements
have been added for the entry modifications.
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