PostgreSQL 9.2.3, 9.1.8, 9.0.12, 8.4.16 和 8.3.23

发布于 2013年02月08日
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PostgreSQL 全系列版本更新,这些版本都是修复一个 DoS 漏洞 (CVE-2013-0255),强烈建议所有用户立即升级。该漏洞允许用户通过调用一个内部函数并传递无效参数导致服务器崩溃。

同时该版本修复了 9.2 版本的存储过程使用动态查询可能会导致的性能下降问题,如果你正在使用 PL/pgSQL 的 EXECUTE 方法应该升级,此外还修复了由于 CREATE/DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY 导致的间歇性崩溃的问题;另外还有复制相关的多个小问题。

而 PostgreSQL 8.3.23 将会是 8.3 版本的最后一次更新,以后 8.3 版本将不再更新。详情请参考 Versioning Policy.


  • Prevent unnecessary table scans during vacuuming
  • Prevent spurious cached plan error in PL/pgSQL
  • Allow sub-SELECTs to be subscripted
  • Prevent DROP OWNED from dropping databases or tablespaces
  • Make ECPG use translated messages
  • Allow PL/Python to use multi-table trigger functions (again) in 9.1 and 9.2
  • Fix several activity log management issues on Windows
  • Prevent autovacuum file truncation from being cancelled by deadlock_timeout
  • Make extensions build with the .exe suffix automatically on Windows
  • Fix concurrency issues with CREATE/DROP DATABASE
  • Reject out-of-range values in to_date() conversion function
  • Revert cost estimation for large indexes back to pre-9.2 behavior
  • Make pg_basebackup tolerate timeline switches
  • Cleanup leftover temp table entries during crash recovery
  • Prevent infinite loop when COPY inserts a large tuple into a table with a large fillfactor
  • Prevent integer overflow in dynahash creation
  • Make pg_upgrade work with INVALID indexes
  • Fix bugs in TYPE privileges
  • Allow Contrib installchecks to run in their own databases
  • Many documentation updates
  • Add new timezone "FET".


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