Visifire v2.0.5 beta 测试版发布

发布于 2008年12月27日
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Visifire是一套很不错的BS chart展现方案,同Flash下的图表一样也可以用于jsp,asp,php等BS方案中,采用微软的 Sliverlight 开发。


  • Chart threw exception during serialization in WPF.
  • Color property of DataPoint/DataSeries did not work if set from Style.
  • Properties - Background, BorderThickness of Legend did not work in Silverlight.
  • If AxisXLabel was long & Enabled property of AxisX was set to false, extra space appeared to the left of Chart.
  • If RenderAs property was changed from Column to Line & back to Column, ColorSet failed to apply colors.


  • If MarkerEnabled is set to false, instead of disabling, markers are hidden so that ToolTip is displayed. This is essential as ToolTip derives data from markers & if markers are disabled ToolTip would not show for Line Charts.
  • ToolTip can be customized. Properties like FontColor, Size, Background etc. can be defined by user. Style for ToolTip can be defined in chart XAML or in a custom theme file. As this feature warranted some code inclusion, the size of .xap has grown from 199KB to 203KB.
  • Initial loading of chart is faster, as render logic is optimized.


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